Don't know where your stand with your new beau? Try The Bed-Making Theory

Find yourself a boo that makes your bed a mess at night, and but fixes it in the morning? Have you ever heard the phrase“If they do your chores, they’re all yours?”Probably notsince we just made it up,but here’s the thing. If you want to know if your hookup is 100%,money back guaranteed,falling in love (at least like), you need to test ‘The Bed-Making Theory.’

How does it work?Have your guy or gal spend the night after a hot hookup session. Next, you’ll have to sneak out of bed in the morning before they get up. After they wake up and make their way into the living space, take a peek back into the bedroom. Are your sheets tucked in? Is your comforter on straight and your throw pillows back in the right place? Guess what? They’re hooked!

Of course, you could also become theBetty Bed Makeryourself the next time you stay over at their place. Imagine that swelling of pride you’ll feelpretending to be tidier than you actually areand when you get a text later that day saying “did you make the bed this morning… because that’s AWESOME!”

Bottom line: You can’t say this theory is wrong until you’ve experienced it yourself. So the next time you hook up, check to see if thecrime scenehas beenswept. If you know what I mean…


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