Parents Admit To Relaxing House Rules During Quarantine

All parents have house rules they make their kids follow, but a new survey finds being quarantined for months with their kids prompted some parents to lighten up on those rules, while adding a whole bunch of new ones. 

The poll finds:

  • 75% of parents say having the whole family at home for months led them to relax some of their house rules.
  • Not eating in front of the television is the top house rule parents let slide (37%), followed by:
    • No staying up past bedtime (27%)
    • Don’t leave wet towels or dirty clothes on the floor (24%)
    • No using your phone at the dinner table (23%)
    • Put the toilet seat down when you’re finished (23%)
    • No food in the bedrooms (23%)
    • Turn off lights when you leave the room (23%)
    • Always lock the door when you leave (22%)
    • No cups on the table without a coaster (21%)
    • Don’t put shoes on the furniture (20%)

Of course, due to the health issues associated with the coronavirus, many parents instituted some new house rules, and they weren’t about to lighten up on any of them. The new rules include:

  • Wash your hands as soon as you walk in the door (59%)
  • Clean doorknobs and other high-contact surfaces regularly (49%)
  • Shower when returning home from a highly populated area (48%)
  • Wipe packages down before opening (43%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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