HACK: Kid Wound Up? Try A Popsicle In The Tub

When your kid is all wound up - whether they’re filled with excitement, anxiety or energy - sometimes a sensory experience helps them calm down. Popping them in a bath or shower can be a good start, but to really take it to the next level? Try handing them a popsicle while they’re in there.

The idea behind this parenting hack is that when the kid is too wired or too sensitive or too anything, a reset with the warm water plus the cold popsicle is the perfect quick fix. The popsicle cools them off and gives them a sweet treat, while the water warms them up at the same time. It snaps them out of whatever they’re feeling and calms them down instantly.

One grateful parent who’s tried it calls it “the most random and effective parenting tip” they’ve ever received. And if all it takes to restore the calm is engaging multiple senses with warm water and a fruity popsicle? We’re in. Plus, the clean-up couldn’t be easier!


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