Silence of the Lambs house on sale -- buy if you dare

It's what spooky dreams are made of. Bill Buffalo's home in the 1991 thriller The Silence of the Lambs has hit the market. 

The iconic four-bedroom, one-bathroom property is located in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, and sits on 1.76 acres of land. On the outside, the house features a sprawling porch and a pool in the backyard. Inside, it has maintained a lot of its original charm which can be seen in the trim and hardwood floors. 

In avideo tourof the home, the realtors venture down to the basement that -- unlike in the film -- does not contain a hole with a well and a basket in it. However, there is a cellar which they admit is "actually kind of creepy."

As for how much the famous home could potentially cost a buyer? $298,500.

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