Tourists Record Pack Of Wolves Fighting With Grizzly Bear In Yellowstone

A group of tourists on a guided tour through Yellowstone National Park witnessed a rare sight as a group of wolves squared off with a grizzly bear. The wild footage was recorded and posted to YouTube by Adam Brubaker of the Tied to Nature guide service.

The group was watching as a few wolves from the Wapiti Lake Pack were stalking the grizzly bear from a distance. The bear saw the wolves and stood up on its hind legs before approaching the pack.

"I think more than anything, he wants to know what it is, and what's going on. That's why he was standing up. It's the same thing with people; they don't want to be surprised by anything," Brubaker tells the group.

As the bear got closer, the wolves began to circle, preparing to attack. Around a dozen wolves surrounded the bear and nipped at it as they tried to get it to leave the area.

Brubaker explained that it was possible that wolf cubs were nearby, and the pack was just trying to get the grizzly bear to leave their territory. He later told For The Win Outdoors that it is was also possible the wolves were protecting a fresh carcass.

"From what I could see, the pups were not with them," he said. "The white wolf [seen in the video] has blood on her face and neck, so there could have been a carcass, but while I watched them, they were not feeding on one."

The wolves eventually drove the bear towards the tree line, where they stood guard to make sure the bear stayed out of their territory.

Photo: Getty Images