Study: These Chores Will Turn Your Partner On

We all have nonsexual things that turn us on, even if we don’t want to admit it. Some may find strong calf muscles incredibly attractive, while someone acing a crossword puzzle may really do it for another, but it turns out, a lot of us have one surprising turn-on in common. According to anew survey, many people get hot and bothered by their partner doing chores.

Superdrug Online Doctor polled 500 Americans and 500 Brits to get the inside scoop on our domestic elements of attraction. The survey reveals that while both sexes find watching their S.O. do housework sexy, men are slightly more excited by it, with 61% of them saying it’s a turn-on, compared to 56% of women.

The poll also finds that when couples do chores together, they can sometimes become an aphrodisiac. Nearly half (49%) of respondents say working on housework with their partner has turned into a sexual encounter. A chore more likely to lead to sex?It’s probably no surprise that it’s making the bed. And these are the tasks that are the biggest turn-ons overall:

9) Organizing closet/drawers – 15%

8) Doing laundry – 27%

7) Washing a car – 30%

6) Doing yard work – 34%

5) Doing dishes – 35%

4) Making the bed – 40%

3) Being handy around the house – 43%

2) Cleaning – 48%

1) Cooking – 62%

Source:Best Life

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