Hawaii Offering Free Round-Trips for Remote Workers

The State of Hawaii announced it is offering free round-trip tickets to Honolulu to people who work remotely and are willing to dedicate some of their time toward contributing to the community.

The temporary residency program, dubbed "Movers and Shakas" in reference to the Hawaiian hand gesture often interpreted as "hang loose," offers people who work remotely online the chance to do their jobs from the comforts of the tropical state. Applications for the first group of temporary residents are being accepted through December 15, and 50 people will be chosen for the first group of Movers and Shakas.

"Subsequent applicants will be accepted to the program on a rolling basis," officials said in a news release. "Hawaii currently has the lowest rate per capita of COVID infections in the country, also making it one of the safest places to live and work." Applicants for the program are being asked to promise to respect the state's culture and natural resources. Officials said the accepted applicants will be asked to dedicate some of their time to local businesses and nonprofits.

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Link:United Press International

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