LeAnn Rimes Reveals She Suffered 'Heavy Depression' Amid The Pandemic

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Like so many others, LeAnn Rimes faced some difficult times over the course of the last year. During a recent interview, the country music star revealed she suffered from "heavy depression" during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"I don't think I've ever been off the road for 16 months like this at one point for a solid period of time. I went back out to do my first show recently in front of thousands of people. I was so triggered," Rimes explained. "I'm like, oh my God, the experience that I'm having right now is so intense. And it was also like, nothing happened. I walked out, it's like riding a bike, it didn't feel like there were 16 months in between."

Though performing came back to her naturally, the experience made her realize how much the past year affected her mental well-being. "I have my whole life, on the road, I've never had this much time at home. Like my nervous system was just like, 'What are we doing?' Even though I meditate and do all the things like I'm still, there was still this kind of energy that's always on," she shared. "That really kind of is my baseline. So, when that got taken away, the false security of having a job my whole life, like having all the things removed and I was terrified as everyone else, including feeling like you're going to walk out your door and die."

During that time off the road, Rimes had "some pretty heavy depression," though she said she's now come back out of it. "The upside of that, which has been good, [it helps to get] a different perspective, because sometimes we can be in our own world and not be able to step out of it. So, I've always found that therapy definitely helps with that."

Ultimately, Rimes said she's learned that life is "not about an end game," but rather "the human journey."

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