Lance Bass And Danielle Fishel Are Making A Movie About Their Prom Night

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It was the perfect 90’s teenage dream, “Topanga” from Boy Meets World arm in arm with NSYNC’s Lance Bass on the way to prom.

At the time, everything felt fine to Danielle Fishel, who did not see a breakup with her boyfriend of one year on the horizon. Looking back however, things make a bit more sense to the actor.

“It turns out I’m not Lance’s type,” Fishel said laughing.

Bass was just beginning to discover who he was when the pair went to prom, and said it felt unfair to continue a relationship with Fishel. The former boy band member joined the hosts of the Pod Meets World podcast to discuss the beginning and end of their relationship as well as how it is getting made into a movie.

“The reason we wanted to make this prom story into a film (is because) so many people can relate to that story,” said Bass. “For so many people in the LGBT(Q) community, their prom night was the night they were like ‘Oh, wait a minute. This can’t happen anymore.’ This was the catalyst for me that made me accept myself. It took a little while after this, but this was the first straw that broke.”

The two met on the set of Boy Meets World when NSYNC was booked for a live performance on the "TGIF Premier Party" on ABC. Bass said he had a longstanding crush on Fishel and told himself he wouldn’t leave the set without getting her number. However, the singer couldn’t quite work up the nerve and sent Justin Timberlake to get Fishel’s phone number for him.

“Sure enough, a couple of days later I had a missed call and a voicemail from Lance,” said Fishel. “And it was Lance with Justin screaming in the background about how nervous Lance was to be calling me.”

Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland are writing the film which will follow the couple from the Boy Meets World set to prom night. Both Bass and Fishel are working on the film to recreate their relationship for the big screen.

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