Here’s What An Angry JLo Said To Ben Affleck In That Viral Grammys Moment

Photo: Getty Images

A tense moment between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck didn't go unnoticed by fans watching the 65th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 5th. Affleck is known for looking strained or upset during public outings, which often include cameras for the famous actor, and JLo wasn't having it. At one point, the show's host Trevor Noah sat down right next to them to introduce the next presenter and the cameras caught an awkward exchange between the couple.

"Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated," Lopez told an unenthusiastic-looking Affleck. "I might," he reportedly replied according to a lipreader commissioned by the Daily Mail.

After, an exasperated JLo turns her attention back to the host doing his bit. Fans took to Twitter to react to the moment. "Aww, I feel for Ben. He doesn't love these kind of events - I totally understand being an introvert at the Grammys. I'd far rather be home with a good book," said one user. One user pointed out that people are overreacting. "Why is everyone making such a bloody big deal over this, I bet it was happening all over that room, the rest just didn’t happen to get filmed! God ridiculous," they wrote. "All couples bicker. I think it is nobody’s business but theirs. I hope they can work through it," another said.

Despite the viral moment, JLo took to Instagram after the awards show to share a clip of the photos and videos from their night set to the Album of the Year winner Harry Styles' hit "As It Was." She even gave a shout-out to Affleck in the caption writing, "Always the best time with my love, my husband."

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