Badgers install some RPO, but receivers had rough day

MADISON – The Wisconsin Badgers will be judged by what they will do on Saturdays in autumn, not on a Tuesday morning in April.

It’s a good mantra to have after UW’s offense mostly struggled in practice eight today at Camp Randall Stadium.

Among the dropped passes and incorrect routes ran, two skill position players and the beefeaters in the middle shined.

The results for everyone were a little more mixed.

First, the good. It’s possible Tanner Mordecai just keeps getting better at quarterback. He has yet to truly have an off day. Some of his passes weren’t perfect, but Braelon Allen still flashed maturing hands as a receiver out of the backfield.

Offensively, there was an emphasis on installing some run-pass option plays, which are expected to be a feature of Phil Longo’s offense in Madison.

The offensive line were superior run blockers in team drills.

That was the good. The Badgers, for the first time this spring, looked a little out of sorts on offense, dropping an unusual number of passes and frequently not on the same page as the play the quarterback called in the huddle.

Again, it’s one day in April. Not a cause for alarm, but just the first time they looked a little bit out of sync. Perhaps it was the perfect weather at Camp Randall Stadium after spending the first six practices inside the cramped McClain Center because of inclement weather.

Defensively, the secondary was making play after play, and making the offense’s miscues even more glaring. Hunter Wohler and Alex Smith were all over the field, with solid contributions from Ricardo Hallman and Marty Strey.

The Badgers will next practice on Thursday.

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