Teens Are Boiling Tampons To Get High

It seems there's been a trend over the past couple years of teens using odd items to get high or participate in different social media "challenges." It was only last year teens were eating Tide Laundry Pods. 

Well, the new trend to get high for cheap? Boiling tampons. Yes, tampons. This new fad is really making Tide Pods not look so bad. 

Multiple teens in Indonesia have been arrested after being caught using the sanitary devices in order to get high. Oh wait, it gets worse. Most of the tampons used have been taken from the trash! Meaning they're taking a stranger's menstruation blood to get high. Excuse me, while I throw up. 

My question is what exactly inside these items get a teen high? The more alarming thing is no one seems to know including the sanitary manufacturer which makes me question what woman are really even putting in there bodies in the first place. 

Either way, this is disgusting and extremely unsanitary, don't do it. 

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