Pepper Sandwiches Are A Thing

There have been all kinds of new food trends in the name of being healthier – nut milks, kale, meal prep kits. I can get behind all of those. Know what I can’t get behind? Sandwiches made between two slices of green pepper instead of two slices of bread. It’s exactly what you’re picturing. A slice of turkey, a slice of cheese, maybe some condiments – all sandwiched between two green pepper halves.

The idea was coined by Instagram nutritionist Rachel Paul – better known as @collegenutritionist. We’ll forget for a second that green peppers are the worst of the bunch. Let’s focus on how sad we’ll be to bite into a “sandwich” that’s missing its bready ingredients. Okay, so the pepper gives you a source of water. And MAYBE the low-carb sandwich is something we could all be going for. But does anyone else feel like it’s not even a sandwich anymore at that point? It’s just the insides!

Source: Collegenutritionist

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