How To Keep The Peace When You’re Home For The Holidays

Already dreading going home for the holidays? You’redefinitelynot alone. Spending time with loved ones all under one roof can be wonderful, but it can also mean a few nights in your uncomfortable childhood bed, having to put up with a lot of prying questions from nosey relatives and no personal space. But you can help keep your festivities drama-free by setting boundaries like these.

  • Respond, don’t react- You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control our reactions and try to have a more measured response when your uncle starts going off with his problematic views on politics again.
  • Take time for yourself- When emotions run high, give yourself a few minutes of solitude to relax, recharge. Not only will you feel better, you’ll be better company, too.
  • Go easy on the alcohol- A couple festive cocktails may make family time even more enjoyable, but be conscious of how often your glass is being filled and know when to cut yourself off. Managing family drama may be tough, but doing it with a hangover? Even worse.
  • Listen to others- Even when you don’t agree, let them finish. Then you can respectfully disagree and move on.
  • Make sure everyone chips in- Having a house full of relatives can be too close for comfort, but the upside? You have a lot of hands to help clean, shop, and tidy up, you just have to rally the troops.
  • Remember it’s only once a year- If the togetherness gets to be too much, be assured by the fact that you don’t have to put up with it again until next year.


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