Woman Pregnant With Twins In Separate Wombs May Have Two Labors

A British mother of two was surprised to find out she has two wombs, but completely shocked to learn she’s pregnant with twins and is carrying one in each womb.Kelly Fairhurstsays that at her 12-week ultrasound doctors explained that having two wombs is rare, with just one in 3-thousand women having the condition. But the chances of having a twin in separate wombs? That’s incredibly rare - the odds of that are 50-million to one!

Fairhurst says twins run in her family, so she knew it could be a possibility for her, but she adds, “I never thought I’d have identical twins in two separate wombs!” The biggest risk for her pregnancy is that one of her babies will be born prematurely, like both of her previous children were. If that happens, this mama could be giving birth in two separate labors, even weeks apart.

“The plan is to have them both by c-section, but my last two births have been so quick, there’s a risk that might not be possible,” Fairhurst explains. “In all honesty, the whole thing is pretty crazy!”

Source:New York Post

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