Study: We Prefer Villains Who Remind Us Of Ourselves

Who your favorite fictional villain is could tell you more about yourselfthan all the Buzzfeed quizzes you’ve ever taken. New research has found out why we’re sometimes rooting for the bad guy and apparently, it’s because we see a lot of ourselves in them.

Researchers at the Association for Psychological Science have found that the more similarities a viewer have with a villain, the more they find them likable, and cut them slack on the wholebeing evilthing.

Turns out, we have a natural attraction to darker versions of ourselves in stories because characters like The Joker or Voldemortlet us walk a mile on the dark side without tainting our own self-image.Now you’re probably wondering what the character you love has to say about you right?

  • Well, the researchers found people who see themselves as chaotic tend to like The Joker and folks that say they’re intelligent and ambitious side with Lord Voldemort.
  • But don’t worry. The researchers concluded that relating with fictional villains is much different, and less threatening than relating with real-life villains, so the chances you’re going to go after Batmanyourself is still low.

Source:Study Finds

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