Hormel Foods Offering Free College To Kids Of All 16K Employees

Hormel Foods is hoping to get more kids of its employees to go to college by offering two years of free tuition. The company’s new program, “Inspired Pathways,” is open to all kids of their 16-thousand American workers and it’s not based on test scores or GPA. Hormel hopes many of those who take advantage of it will be first-generation college students in their families.

According to a spokesperson for Hormel, when the program starts in the fall of 2021, the kids can attend a community college of their choice, as long as they graduate from high school and meet the school’s admission requirements. Along with this new offer, the company also gives tuition reimbursement for current employees who go back to school while working for them.

“When you think about how a college education can change lives and start a ripple effect that will be felt for generations, that’s the change-maker Hormel Foods wants to be,” explains company president and CEOJim Snee.

Source:Good News Network

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