Up for a challenge? Take a go at this 30,000 calorie burger

Up for a challenge? Sink your teeth into this massive burger that weighs as much as a toddler. 

Madihah's restaurant located in England are putting its diners to the challenge with their creation of a burger that consists of 56 burgers -- 24lb of beef, 20 slices of bacon, and cheese. 

The eatery's owner,Kyle Barlow, toldThe Sun, "Just eating the cheese will be a challenge. I am 100 per cent certain nobody will finish it."

"The beef alone is nearly 30,000 calories, the cheese is 2,000 calories, so even just eating the cheese will be a challenge," he explained. 

The challenge will take place every Monday and will run diner's around £30 pounds or about $38 USD, but if they finish the burger they'll get their money back. 

Oh, and, of course, fries come with the burger.

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