New study: people forget the majority of gifts they receive

People forget the majority of gifts they receive, according to new research. With Christmas less than two weeks away, your anxiety about finding the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list may be well-founded. New research shows that more than half (53%) of the gifts people received last year have already been completely forgotten. The new study of 2,000 people also uncovered that Americans receive, on average, three forgettable gifts every holiday season. These gifts aren’t just forgotten; they’re often unused. In fact, one in six gifts received will never be touched or used again after January 1st, the study found. Survey participants who received forgettable or unwanted gifts are tough customers as 35% of them said that receiving a bad gift permanently affects their opinion of the gift giver.

  • Do you only remember the really bad gifts and the really good gifts people gave you?
  • Has a receiving a bad gift from someone altered your relationship with him or her?

Link:NY Post