Things To Look Forward To This Year

Are you getting the“so… now what?”feeling this week? We were all so pumped about 2020 finally ending that we forgot to think about just how great 2021 might be. So let’s do that now. Here are some things we can look forward to this year.

  • Hugging. If the vaccine rollout picks up, and things go to plan, we may be able to hug people again at some point this year. It’s been a while so just a reminder, a “hug” is when you press your arms tightly around someone else as a sign of affection.Is it coming back to you now?
  • Whole faces.We may be seeing people’s noses, chins, and mouths again this year. This means no more trying to guess if they’re smiling or scowling under their mask or Google searches on ‘how to treat maskne.’
  • Sports.This is going to be a big year for sports fans. The NFL looks on track to complete its season and kick things off with the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the Paralympics are ago in Tokyo, Wimbledon is back,Anthony JoshuaandTyson Furywill be boxing at some point, and the event we’ve all been waiting for…The Ping Pong World Cup.
  • Heavenly bodies. Nostradamus predicted a comet might even collide with the Earth in 2021, but so far science says we’re in the clear there. But there is the Eta Aquarids meteor shower and a total lunar to look out for in May.This means if you order a telescope now, there’s a chance it might get through the mail to you in time.

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Source:The Guardian