Why You Should Fart On The First Date

Historically we’ve been told to be on our best behavior on first dates as if to convince our new fling that we’re perfect. If we have a thought or feeling that might be questionable, we’re supposed to keep it inside. But now there’s a dating expert saying the complete opposite. According to authorCandice Jaliliyou shouldn’t hold anything back…including your gas.

In her new book“Just Send The Text”, Jalili shares the story of 26-year-old Mayen whose dating life was completely changed by a fart. She met a guy through a mutual friend and around the third time they hung out he made it clear that he liked his ladies to be “proper” and while he was explaining it, Mayen happened to be holding in abooty bomb. And even though she has been told by exes that she’s “the gassiest gal they’ve ever met,” she did try to change herself to suit his ideals. Well… as you might expect, that relationship didn’t work out. So she decided to fart on the first date with the next guy she went out with and they’ve been together for over two years now.

But just to be clear, Jalili isn’t exactly recommending everyone drop aheinie hiccupon their first dates, but to instead think of the fart as a metaphor. Ask yourself “what's something that you're unwilling to compromise on?” and “what aspect of yourself do you want to make sure you’re really getting out there immediately?”That’s your gassiness.Embrace your authentic self on first dates and stop trying to hide it!

Source:Elite Daily