What To Do When You Feel Like Rage-Quitting

Who among us hasn’t daydreamed of standing up in the middle of a workday, walking right up to our boss, and telling them “I quit” before getting a standing ovation from the rest of the office. While rage-quitting looks cool on TV, it’s not something you’re ever really going to do so here’s how to channel that anger into something productive instead.

  • Get Acquainted With The Source Of Your Rage. According to psychologistCicely Horsham-Brathwaite, we have a tendency to think “what is wrong with me” when we feel enraged when we should instead be thinking about what exactly has taken us to this level. Instead of acting on your rage, or trying to dismiss it, Horsham-Brathwaite recommends journaling your thoughts and emotions around your job to see if you can find the root of things.
  • Talk To Others Who Can Give You An Outside Perspective.When your mind is too filled with anger to think clearly, borrow someone else's. Instead of storming out of your job, contact a mentor or colleague that can give you a fresh set of eyes on your issue. According to career coachLisa Orbé-Austinthis is the perfect time to ask for help and your next step forward.Just don’t spend the whole conversation trashing your job. It’s a bad look.
  • Take Time Off If You Can, And Center Your Health.If wanting to rage quit in the middle of the day isn’t a sign you need a mental health day,what is?Orbé-Austin recommends taking some PTO to try and work through your feelings with a therapist.It won’t be the most fun day off you’ve ever had but it might be the most important.