Research say women are attracted to men who mumble

Gentlemen, if you can’t seem to get a girl to go on a second date with you, it might be because you’re speaking too clearly.Seriously.According to a new study, women find mumbling to be a sign of masculinity and alsosexy as hell.

Men on the other hand are looking for a boo thattalks real good.Researchers found guys believe precise pronunciation signifies femininity and it’s, therefore, a turn-on. The study believes this all falls in line with evolutionary theories.So basically we’re programmed to like the opposite sex’s voice a certain way.

But the gender gap in speech intelligibility doesn’t just affect our love life. It also has implications in the office and society in general. Vocal coaches’ number one tip to speakers is to slow down and carefully enunciate things. According to this study, men might be better off doing the opposite.

Source:Study Finds

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