MIL Demands DIL Get Induced Early To Fit Travel Plans

Having a baby is stressful enough, especially for a first-time mom, but one woman’s in-laws are making it even tougher on her. In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the a-hole” section, the 24-year-old writes that she’s pregnant with her first child, who’s due the week before Thanksgiving. Her parents live in another country and her in-laws asked if they could come stay with them close to her due date. The couple agreed, but she admits she didn’t consider her husband’s big family when she said yes.

  • OP writes that her husband’s parents, six siblings and a brother-in-law are all coming to their house and his parents are really hoping to stay for Thanksgiving with them after the baby is born. But after she and her husband agreed to this,plans started to change.
  • His sister and husband can’t get time off then, so now they want to move the Thanksgiving celebration to November 20th or 21st. When OP and her hubby reminded his parents that they can’t promise that’ll work, as her due date is the 19th, her mother-in-law came up with a solution.
  • She told OP to tell her doctor to have the baby induced on the 12th “since that works better for the family.” So yes...the in-laws want her to move up the birth of her babyand have it medically induced to accommodate their Thanksgiving plans.

Now OP is really upset, on top of having to deal with a house full of people with a newborn, all in the midst of a global health crisis. She asks Reddit if she’s wrong for not wanting to be induced and for being so stressed about this and fortunately...pretty much everyone is on her side.

  • “Even if the baby comes on schedule, you are not going to want to entertain a household full of guests when you’ve just given birth,” one user writes.
  • Another posts, “It is very selfish to expect to stay with you for Thanksgiving when you have a newborn, let alone also asking for you to be induced early to suit their plans.”
  • And one sums it up by telling her, “If you value your sanity and your newborn’s health, you need to cancel the whole thing.”


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