The Most Awkward Weddings of All Time - 3 Weddings and a Podcast

This week we introduce you to Paige, who elizabethany says is bound to be our most awkward guest ever. Can EB make it even more awkward when she brings up her period TO HER BOSS for "a very necessary reason?" We're sharing the most awkward wedding stories ever, but also finding out about the cutest thing Paige's bridesmaids did for her when she tried on dresses! EB also confesses to bullying Paige's fiance into getting a ring, and helps her navigate how to incorporate family who can't make it to their Key West wedding! In the AISLE PILE: A bridezilla who's mad about her brother's announcement, a wedding dress trick gone very wrong, how much wedding guests spend on weddings each year, and the one thing elizabethany is mad she didn't incorporate into her wedding.



And check out Paige's work below, as well! She's an incredible crafter/photographer!

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