Hannah's Headlines: 6/26/2017

Google To Stop Scanning Email. Sort of.

Google will stop reading your email to provide personalized ads. The tech giant announced the move in a blog post Friday. Privacy advocates have criticized Google's practice of scanning emails to obtain data to tailor advertising to the user.

Unfortunately, you'll still see targeted ads in your Gmail. But now, the personalized data will come from other sources like YouTube videos watched and searches made. But don’t get too excited, they’ll still be snooping to some degree, pointing to their anti-phishing, anti-spam, and Smart Reply features – which they say require scanning email.

The change will go in effect later this year.

Source: Google

You Won’t Believe How Many Insects We Eat

Most of us have accidentally swallowed a bug at some point or watched some reality show where contestants were forced to eat insects and wondered how many of those little critters we consume. We’re not talking about chowing down on crickets served to you, but the insects we eat without realizing it.

Yeah, it’s kind of a revolting thought, but the FDA actually “allows for a small amount of insect material that is guaranteed safe for human consumption to pass into our food.” And when you add up all those insects, it’s no small number of bugs either.

According to insect control company Terro, it’s possible for someone to ingest close to 140,000 pieces of insects each year. But don’t worry, they claim it’s completely normal and safe! Yeah…we’ll let you swallow the throw-up in your mouth right now.

The amount of insect material allowed depends on each specific food, but in general, processed foods have more bug fragments and foods we eat whole have more whole insects. Yum, right? These are some allowable numbers of insects in half a cup of common foods we eat all the time. Brace yourself:

  • Berries, frozen or canned - 2 whole insects
  • Frozen broccoli - 60 whole insects
  • Ground cinnamon - 800 insect fragments
  • Macaroni and noodle products - 100 insect fragments
  • Peanut butter - 30 insect fragments
  • Ground pepper - 950 insect fragments

Source: NBC 4i

Today is national chocolate pudding day and National Beauticians day

The Bizarre Reason Chicken Is About To Get A Lot More Expensive

In what could be the most relatable news of 2017, chickens are getting too lazy to mate and we are going to have to pay more because of it.

Consumerist reports that a chicken shortage might be around the corner, as the world's insatiable appetite for the bird has forced breeders to produce meat faster. In the past, larger roosters were made to mate with large hens so that their chicks would yield meat faster. That natural selection has gotten so out of hand that now chickens are too top heavy to even be interested in reproducing.

Now The Wall Street Journal estimates that the the U.S. needs about 750 million birds every month to sustain the constant demand. Analysts at WSJ found that a measly 1 percent decrease in viable chick births leads to a loss of $120 million across the industry.

But what does all of this even mean? Essentially, your Chicken Fries could be in danger again just a year after the internet rescued them from oblivion using petitions and Twitter tantrums.

Seriously though, chicken is one of the leanest, most protein-right, and cheapest meatsoffered on the market. So a shortage is bad news for disadvantaged places in the world trying to eat healthy.

Even worse is the fact that a solution is not within reach. Scientists aren't even sure what's causing the fall in chicken fertility. Some evidence suggests that overfeeding or underfeeding is affecting their health and therefore their libido.

Or, you know, maybe they're just having an existential crisis.

Dating Apps: Use These Words to Get A Reply

If only there was a way to ensure that all those cuties you matched with would just message you back already!! It’s next to impossible to figure out what to say in the first place, so throw us a bone, here! Luckily, “Plenty of Fish” has got all the bait we need.

The dating service went through over 60,000 first messages to see what the most-used words were. The results? Start out your conversations with a compliment and most importantly, KINDNESS. The people that got the most responses were the ones saying nice, genuine things to start their conversations.

The words used the most in messages that got responses were “love,” “gorgeous,” “pretty,” “cute,” and “smile.” Are we surprised!?


Just How Much Time And Money Do Women Spend On Their Hair?

There are few things more important to a woman than how their hair looks, and it’s no secret gals spend a lot of time and money making sure their locks look just right. Well, a new survey has determined just how much effort women put into their hair and the answer is a bit shocking.

According to the poll, gals spend about $80 and 11 hours on their hair a month, which translates into about $55,000 in their lifetime, and that amount will increase or decrease depending on where someone lives. Turns out, folks in California spend the most money on their hair, about $150 a month, followed by Florida ($130) and Texas ($120), while women in North Carolina are more low maintenance at only $20 per month. 

Californians earn the title “cleanest hair” since most gals there say they wash their hair daily, while those in Tennessee have the “dirtiest hair,” with most women saying they only wash their hair once a week. The survey also finds that Kansas has the most women with naturally straight hair, Alabama has the most curly-haired gals, and Ohio has the nation’s largest population of red heads. 

  • Overall, 89% of American women use hair dye to enhance their look, with blonde being the most popular color (40%). Meanwhile, 70% of women are naturally brunette, with only 4% redheads. And while celebrities may not be able to leave the house without hair extensions, in the real world they are much less popular. In fact, only 3% of women would be willing to invest in them, while 93% have never used them.

Source: The Daily Mail



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