Hannah's Headlines- 8/16/2017

Woman Breaks Ice Cream Eating Record

Miki Sudo is probably still reeling from brain freeze. She is now the world record holder when it comes to eating ice cream. In case you missed it, she downed 16-and-a-half pints of ice cream in just six minutes. 

Sudo won $2-thousand for her efforts and now gets to say she dethroned famous competitive eater Joey Chestnut, who had the previous world record after he ate 15 pints of vanilla ice cream in six minutes. 

If Miki's name sounds familiar, that's because she's won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest for the past four years. In 2017, she shoveled down her personal best of 41 hot dogs.

Source: Thrillist 

Why Wine Tastes Better When It Costs More

When it comes to buying wine, a lot of us appreciate a tasty bottle that doesn’t break our budget. But when we do shell out more for vino, research shows our brains actually expect it to taste better.

According to a new study from the University of Bonn in Germany, when a bottle of wine costs more, our brains convince us we like it more. Researchers randomly labeled three bottles of wine $3, $7, or $21 and had 30 men and women taste them. They were all actually sipping the same $14 bottle of red, but the participants all said the “more expensive” bottles tasted better.

This study goes along with previous research from the University of Bonn and the INSEAD Business School, which found that pricing chocolates higher led to the expectation that the sweets would be tastier. University of Bonn professor Bernd Weber explains, “The reward and motivation system is activated more significantly with higher prices, and apparently increases the taste experience in this way.”

But you certainly don’t have to spend big bucks to get a good bottle of wine. This $6 bottle of Australian red won a double gold medal from a panel of wine experts, retail buyers, and industry insiders. And you can get this bottle of rosé that won a silver medal at the International Wine Challenge for $8 at Aldi. So just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it tastes better.

Source: Moneyish

Today is national tell a joke day, national rum day and national roller coaster day

Parents empowered by "Wait Until 8th" keeping kids smartphone-free longer

The threat of social isolation, it seems, that motivates parents to give their kids a smartphone even if they feel the child is not quite ready.

That pressure led one mom to create a now-national movement, Wait Until 8th, in which parents sign a pledge to not get their child a smartphone before 8th grade. Founder Brooke Shannon told ABC News that in Austin, Texas, where she lives, there is "mounting pressure" to give children their own smartphone at a young age.

"We started seeing children as young as 1st and 2nd grade coming to school, play dates and birthday parties with the latest iPhone. As we started to ask around, many parents said they eventually caved on the smartphone because 'everyone had them' and they did not want their child to feel left out," Shannon said.

Still, there were many parents who preferred to wait. So, the idea came for these parents to rally together and start a pledge.

"Our hope is to create a support network for those parents who would like to wait on giving their child a phone," Shannon said.

Here's how it works: A pledge becomes active when 10 or more families sign it from the same grade at a school.

It's designed this way, Shannon said, so there's no fear of being the only parent to sign. The pledge is for smartphones only. Parents who want to wait on a smartphone but will allow their child to have a basic phone that just calls and texts can sign the pledge. The organization sees basic phones as free of many of the distractions and dangers of the smartphone.

Wait Until 8th wants to "let kids be kids a little longer." 

About 1,300 families with children in more than 400 schools in 43 states have already signed the pledge in the few months since the movement began, according to Wait Until 8th.

Online Grocery Shopping May Be Good For Your Waistline

With so many people conscious about their weight, it’s no wonder we’re always hearing different reports on the best ways to stick to a healthy diet and take off the pounds. Well, according to a new theory, getting rid of a few extra pounds could be as easy as not stepping foot in the grocery store.

It turns out, research out of the University of Albany suggests that if you do your grocery shopping online it may help you keep the weight off. The reason? When folks shop online they tend to stick to the things they need to maintain their healthy diet, and aren’t lured in by impulse buys in the aisles, like junk food, that will sabotage them.

Since research suggests overweight people are more prone to such impulse purchases than thinner folks, being able to stick to online searches of exactly what they need could keep them from picking up that extra box of cookies.

  • Of course, other researchers disagree with this assessment. In fact, earlier this year an Australian study suggested online grocery shopping could be making people fat because online sites don’t always have the nutritional information available on their site leading folks to make poorer decisions about what they’re buying.

SourceThe Daily Mail

Would You Use Wasabi-Flavored Toothpaste?

Not everyone loves the flavor of mint toothpaste. That’s why some brands come in fruit, bubble gum, cinnamon and even fennel flavors. But now there’s wasabi-flavored toothpaste and somehow it’s supposed to kill bad breath.

This unique tube comes from Australian hair, skin, and body product company Aesop and it’s their first-ever toothpaste. And if you’re shaking your head like we did, wondering why they chose wasabi as the flavor for something that’s supposed to clean your mouth, they have a good reason. It’s supposed to be good at getting rid of bad breath. And for $17 a tube, let’s hope they’re right.

The flavor is supposed to taste more like black licorice than what we eat with a spicy tuna roll, but we’re not so sure. The fluoride-free formula also has cardamom, anise, spearmint, and clove essential oils and is even supposed to soothe gums as you brush. But if you want to save your wasabi for your sushi, we’ll be right there with you, because boring old mint works just fine.

Source: Well And Good

Would you rather?

  • Would you rather paint a wall with your face or your knees?
  • Have no knees OR no elbows?
  • Would you rather eat a potato and feel it’s pain OR be a potato.
  • When you die, would you rather have your credit card statement or your Google search history released?
  • Would you rather have every photo on your phone play as a slideshow for your family or let your grandmother read your text messages with your significant other?
  • Would you rather have the ability to teleport every time you fart or heal any wound by screaming at it?



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