Hannah's Headlines- 9/6/2017

Researchers Say Zika May Help Fight Brain Cancer

The Zika virus might help fight an aggressive form of brain cancer. Researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine have announced the possibility of that help from an unlikely source. The published article states that Zika might improve survival rates for patients diagnosed with glioblastomas, the most common form of brain cancer (the same cancerthat Arizona Senator John McCain has been fighting). Patients with the disease have a median survival rate of just over 14 months after diagnosis.

The scientists say that in addition to the damage Zika can do to fetuses (which is awful), it also selectively targets and kills cancer stem cells (which is great). Chemotherapy and radiation treatment kills most tumor cells but typically leaves stem cells intact. In the case of Zika, it attacks stem cells, but bypasses ordinary tumor cells. The study's authors say they see Zika one day being used in conjunction with standard treatments.

Source: New Scientist

Puke And Beer Repellent Sneakers

Finally - a pair of shoes we can all get behind! These new Adidas sneakers are perfect for city-dwellers who go to crowded bars and concerts often. Why? Because they’re puke and beer repellent, which means you’ll be safe from strangers’ accidents as well as your own. What more could you ask for?!

The sneakers, inspired by Oktoberfest, are made of leather and repellent materials so that you don’t get your socks wet with whatever unfortunate liquids might fall on them. The best part? The sneakers are actually pretty cute – even though you’d think they might not be considering they’re so versatile. The shoes are made in Germany, but they can be shipped internationally, so anyone can be safe from beer and vomit filled nights.

The worst part? The cost. You’ll have to break the bank it bit – these kicks cost $240.

Source: Bustle

Today is national book day and national coffee ice cream day

Is The Background Picture on Your Phone A Picture of Your Significant Other? Should it Be?

This past weekend in New York City Selena Gomez was seen with her boyfriend The Weeknd and paparazzi took a picture of her carrying her phone and the background shot on the phone was a picture of her boyfriend. Not big news to me, I would suspect that most couples in serious relationships would have a picture of their significant other as their phone background, either that or a picture of the two of you.

  • Would you be upset if your significant other didn’t have a picture of you or the two of you as their phone background?
  • How long do you have to be dating someone to make them your phone background picture?

Science Now Says Standing Is Just As Bad As Sitting

Lately it seems we’re always hearing reports about how bad sitting is for people's health. In fact, such reports have lead to some folks to get standing desks at work in order to avoid such sitting health hazards. Well, according to a new study, those standing people aren’t really helping themselves, and long-term standing can be just as bad as long-term sitting.

New research by scientists out of Ontario, Canada, finds that folks who spend a good portion of their day standing are more likely to develop health issues like heart disease and back problems. The heart issues are caused because when standing, blood pools down at the legs, which puts more stress on the heart to pump it back up.

The study looked at 7,320 workers, with a mix of those who sat, stood or did both at least 15 hours a week at work. All needed to be free from heart disease, but after a 12-year period those who spent most of their day standing were twice as likely to develop heart disease than those who spent their day predominately sitting.

The solution? Well, that’s easy. Experts recommend those who spend a good portion of their day standing need to find time to sit so they don’t develop heart disease.

Source: The Daily Mail 

This Couple Got Married In A Planet Fitness

Most couples want their wedding to be unique and personal. Nobody wants to have the same location, dress, or cake that their friend or sister had at her wedding, so brides and grooms try to find a venue that makes their ceremony stand out. And for one couple, that meant getting hitched at Planet Fitness. Yeah, the gym.

But for Joe and Stephanie, that gym holds a special place in their hearts. They actually met at the Western Hills Planet Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio. They used to hang out there after dates and Joe admits he first said “I love you” to his bride in the parking lot there. So saying “I do” there seemed like a natural fit for the pair.

Stephanie says she did check other venues, but when it came down to it, she couldn’t imagine tying the knot anyplace else. When she asked staff, they agreed to make the nuptials happen and the big event was planned at the gym.

It’s not the ideal location for just any couple, but it works for this workout-loving couple. And their wedding photos are like nothing you’ve ever seen. Picture an aerial view shot of the wedding party - all nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen - on step machines. Bet you didn’t have a photo like that from your wedding!

Source: Hello Giggles



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