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Do You Prefer To Be Alone? Well, Science Says You Might Be A Genius!

If you often opt to spend your evenings snuggled in bed with a boozy beverage and Netflix, it’s probably a sign you’re an introvert but while flying solo can reveal a lot about your personality, it might say something about your smarts, too. Yes, it’s true: New research says that introverts could have a higher IQ. Generally speaking, the more often people socialize with friends, the happier they feel. But intelligent people tend to prefer their “me time,” according to a new study by researchers at Singapore Management University and the London School of Economics. Sound familiar?

  • Are you single and a genius? What is it about being alone that you love so much?

Link: https://www.rd.com/health/wellness/prefer-alone-science-says-genius/

Couples Kiss In Hopes Of Winning A Goat

It's that time of area! For one tribe in India, kissing in public is frowned upon...accept during the "longest kiss" contest. This year, around 20 couples competed in the event held at the Sidho-Kanho fair.

The winners smooched for three hours and walked away with the grand prize: a goat. Check out footage of the event to the right. 

Source: New York Post


Silver sprinkles are not edible, FDA says

There’s likely been many a holiday gathering where you’ve taken a bite of an alluring cookie, only to wonder if the bead-like sprinkles crunching around in your mouth are actually safe to eat. Apparently, the ubiquitous silver sprinkles have been vexing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for years, the Huffington Post reported on Dec. 8.

Officially termed “silver dragées”, the trouble began in 1906 when the FDA banned mineral substances as food additives, thus prohibiting silver from confectionary use. Rising in culinary popularity in the late 1970’s, the FDA stated that silver dragées are a purely decorative, non-food item, given their metal coating that surrounds the sugary center.

“When small silver balls known as ‘silver dragées’ are sold exclusively for decorating cakes and are used under conditions which preclude their consumption as confectionery, they are not considered to be in the category of a food or confectionery,” they wrote of the “unsafe” color additive.

Sold today in 49 states as silver is remains banned as an edible additive, California is the only place that silver dragées cannot be purchased, given a 2003 lawsuit purporting that the silver decorations are harmful if ingested.

If your Christmas confectionary plans revolved around decorating with the elegant silver dragées, fear not: the Baker's Kitchen confirms that they are fine to ornament treats with, but should be removed before eating.

Perhaps, instead of decking out your annual batch of holiday gingerbread men with the troublesome silver balls this year, icing or gumdrops can do the trick instead.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2017/12/09/silver-sprinkles-are-not-edible-fda-says.html

 ‘Rentable Parents’ Will Meet Your Teacher or Significant Other

For those who need a parent – but don’t want their own – there is a service that will allow one to rent stand-ins.

China, already known for rented girlfriends and boyfriends, is now offering people an opportunity to rent fake parents to avoid potentially awkward situations.

The service costs around $7.50 an hour and is seeming to grow in popularity both on and offline. Advertisements for the rented parents are posted in Chinese newspapers and on the Internet, calling out specific events where their services might be needed.

“Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who wants to meet your parents but you actually don’t want them to meet?” asks one advert on the Chinese Internet, Yahoo Style reports.

But those acting as a stand-in parents aren’t the only ones advertising. Consumers are equally as vocal about needing a fake mom or dad.

“A rented parent is needed,” one person commented. “Just need to make a phone call to my teacher.”

Another asked: “Is there anyone in Shanghai who can be rented as parents to have a meal with my girlfriend?” Those who provide this kind of acting aren’t just in it for the money, but want to actually help.

The Global Times newspaper spoke to a rent-a-parent who takes his “profession” very seriously.

Link: https://nypost.com/2017/12/12/rentable-parents-will-meet-your-teacher-or-significant-other/

The Highest Paying Jobs Of The Year

While we’d all love to say that we chose our careers solely for the love of what we do,  for a lot of people, deciding what they want to do in life comes down to one thing – money. There’s no doubt if making money is your main objective in finding a job there are certain careers that will give you a better shot at bringing in the big bucks. So, which are the higest paying jobs out there? 

Well,  CareerCast has just come out with their annual list of the 10 highest paying jobs of the year. And as you can imagine, many of them will involve a lot of schooling before someone will say “you’re hired.” In fact, most of the Top Ten jobs require some form of doctoral or other post-graduate degree. Yikes.

Topping the list this year is surgeon, which has an annual average salary of $409,665. Want a high-paying job that doesn’t require a doctoral certification? Well that would be Petroleum Engineer, which ranks at number seven, with an annual salary of $128,230. As for the only job to make the Top Ten that required a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, that would be Air Traffic Controller, with an annual median salary of $122,410.

 Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs for 2017

  1. Surgeon - $409,665
  2. Orthodontist - $208,000
  3. Psychiatrist - $194,740
  4. General Practice Physician - $190,490
  5. Senior Corporate Executive - $181,210
  6. Dentist - $153,900
  7. Petroleum Engineer - $128,230
  8. Podiatrist - $124,830
  9. Air Traffic Controller - $122,410
  10. Pharmacist - $122,230

Source: Market Watch



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