Hannah's Headlines- 1/5/2018

Romaine Lettuce May Be At The Heart Of A Big E. Coli Outbreak - Until authorities figure things out, it may be a good idea to steer clear of romaine lettuce.

A report is suggesting that people stay away from romaine lettuce until U.S. and Canadian health officials get to the bottom of an outbreak of E. coli infections. Consumer Reports is calling on the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to do more to warn people about the outbreak.

So far in the U.S. and Canada, at least one person has died, five people have been hospitalized, and 58 got sick from the outbreak. Although it's not officially confirmed that the cause of the outbreak in the U.S. is from romaine lettuce, officials say it's likely because food borne bacteria like E. coli or salmonella are killed through cooking and lettuce is usually not cooked.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed that romaine lettuce is the cause of the outbreak in Canada. This strain of E. coli (0157:H7) produces a toxin that in some cases can lead to serious illness, kidney failure, and even death. The CDC says it does not have enough information to recommend people in the U.S. avoid a particular food.

“Consumer Reports” suggests you follow Canadian officials recommendations. In their warning, the Canadian health officials noted that romaine lettuce can have a shelf life of up to five weeks, so lettuce you purchased a few weeks ago could still be contaminated. Check salad blends and mixes, too, and avoid those that contain romaine.

Symptoms start about one to three days after eating the tainted food. They include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea (often bloody), and vomiting. Some people may have a slight fever.Source: Consumer Reports


Woman Stuffs Pillows With Hair She's Collected For Decades

Plenty of people collect things, but Ezzeya Daraghmeh has a particularly unusual hobby. The 82-year-old Palestinian woman has been collecting her own hair since she was 15.

“I like my hair and I hate to throw it away," she explains. "Even when I comb my hair or wash it I keep the hair that falls off.” 

Ezzeya has now collected enough strands of her own hair that she stuffed three pillows full of it. She uses the pillows as decoration in her West Bank home.

Source: Reuters 

Priest Willing To Pay Brides To Show Up On Time

John Corby is sick of dealing with late brides. The English priest has decided that he's giving brides a 10-minute grace period on their wedding day. If they're any later in getting to Holy Cross Church in Bearsted or St Mary’s Church in Thurnham, he's charging them $135. 

Corby's decision is less to make a quick buck and more for all the other people who work weddings, like the choir, organist, and bell ringers. "I wanted to show that I was taking my staff seriously because they weren’t doing it for the money," Corby adds. "I thought this is the way to do it."

No word yet on if he's had to dish out any fines. 

Source: Metro

First Horrifying Food Trend Of 2018

We’re not even a week into 2018 and there’s already another food trend taking over on social media. Meet crossushi, also known as the California Croissant. It’s exactly what it sounds like, sushi inside a flaky pastry, which might not be so bad, but it’s also served with soy sauce, and that’s where we’re pausing to reconsider.

This frankenfood was created by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Los Angeles, because of course it’s from L.A. And it’s another trend combining sushi with unexpected things like pizza, tacos, burritos, and now French pastry. Admittedly, it doesn’t really look all that appealing, but what matters here is the taste, aside from a good photo for the ‘gram.

So what does the California Croissant taste like? Imagine a classic French croissant with a salmon roll, ginger, and a little wasabi inside, and the whole thing is topped with dried sesame and seaweed bits. And fans say it’s savory perfection, with or without the soy sauce.

But Crossushi isn’t actually a new creation, it’s been around for a few years, it’s just taken the Internet a little while to discover it, make it trendy, and come up with the clever mashup name. And now that the Internet is obsessed with this trend, we’ll be seeing more of it. Maybe it’ll even make its way to a bakery near you.

Source: Whimn

"Unhappy" At Work - Or Does Your Job Actually Suck?

A lot of people will be looking for new jobs in 2018, and for many it’s likely because they are unhappy at their job. When most of your year is spent at the office, the last thing you want is to be unhappy there, because there's no doubt that will trickle down to other parts of your life.

So, how can you tell if you’re truly unhappy? Well, according to Fortune 500 adviser and happiness expert Annie McKee there are three signs that may indicate you are not liking your gig, and you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

They include: 

  • Physically – Certain habit changes could indicate you’re unhappy at your gig, like not sleeping enough, giving up exercise, eating too much or too little, or not stopping after one glass of wine after a day at work. These are all clues that something’s wrong, and while it may not be work burnout, it could be.
  • Emotionally – Have you suddenly become the pessimist in your group? Or do you feel down a lot, or get angry or frustrated quickly? These are all emotional cues that may indicate you’re not happy with your job. 
  • Relationally – If you’re unhappy at work, there’s a good chance you may bring your bad feelings home with you, which could affect your personal relationships. If you see your behavior changing at home towards your loved ones, it could be that you’re acting out because of your unhappiness at work. 

Source: CNBC 

Man uses stolen cash to buy an engagement ring: Dustin F. Pedersen's romantic side has landed him in jail. The 36-year-old is being charged with robbing a bank in Middletown, New Jersey. How'd they know it was Pedersen? He allegedly wore the same hat during a second robbery. He isn't a complete jerk, though. Pedersen bought his girlfriend an engagement ring worth just under $4,500 less than an hour after the robbery. He denied robbing one of the bank's, but there are jail phone calls of Pedersen and his fiancé discussing the crimes. Hey, at least she said yes. Source: Journal-News 



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