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Waking Up Early Can Combat Depression

Good news – there’s something simple you can be doing to really do to stave off depression. All you have to do is actually get up when that early AM alarm goes off. Getting up early gives you more exposure to daylight, and a recent study shows that more daylight can actually put a huge dent in depression – especially for women.

Scientists at the University of Colorado studied a bunch of women to see how the time they woke up every day affected their depressive moods. Many cases of depression, it turns out, were coming from people who are late risers. While your mental health can often be genetic, there is evidence to show that the little things you do to make your day better or worse have a huge effect.

It’s not definite that going to sleep late and waking up late leads to depression, but getting the most vitamin D you can out of a day can really help you curb some of that sadness. Get out, enjoy the sun, and exercise more! You’d be surprised what a few good things every day can do for your body!


New Dating App: Crown

Tinder is at it again with a new way to swipe. Crown, a new dating app by the same people that gave you Tinder, is an app that turns getting matches into a game. Not sold yet? Because the premise is based around a game, you have a limited selection of matches to choose from, cutting out the problem of having too many matches to sort through.

All you have to do is wait until noon everyday when you’ll be set up with 16 matches the app thinks would be right for you based on an algorithm. You go through them by choosing who you like more between two at a time. Then, you’ll get to your “Final Four,” a selection of four matches chosen by both you and the app.

If you make it to the end of the brackets, you’ll have the option of chatting it up with one of the cuties you matched with. Because you have to go through a series of picks to get to the chatting section of the game, you’re more likely to ACTUALLY reach out to the person – instead of sitting on it while matches gather dust in your app.

Think of it as an online “Bachelorette.” You’ll have your moment to make it through your own personal season while meeting actual people online – you know, without all the cameras and gowns and cool dates and stuff. Try it out HERE!


Dating Trends: Freckling

Yikes – it’s summertime (well, on Thursday)! This means with the change of the weather comes a change in dating trends. We all got used to the winter trends like Marleying and cuffing. But now, we have something else to watch out for. Freckling is the new summer thing. And many of us are already doing it.

Freckling is when you get involved with someone for a fling of sorts and then drop them the second autumn rolls around. It sounds kind of harsh – that’s probably because it is. We’re so prone to getting involved in cool summer romances when the weather’s nice and everything seems right with the world. But the reality? We’re going to drop them the second the leaves change.

There’s a part of freckling that makes it different from any other time you’ve started something up with someone and stopped it. Your freckles will probably only fade temporarily. Chances are, your summer fling will end on mutual terms, and you’ll spend the rest of the year lurking on each other’s Instagrams and hoping for another shot at summer romance later on.

It’s kind of nice in a way, right?

Source: Independent

Grandmother Kills Bobcat With Bare Hands After it Attacks Her

A Georgia woman suffered bites and scratches after a rabid bobcat attacked her outside her house.

Dede Phillips says the reason she is still alive today is that she simply refused to die after being attacked by a bobcat, WXIA reported.

Last Thursday, Phillips says she walked outside her Hart County, Georgia home and saw a bobcat under her SUV.

The nearly 40-pound animal jumped five feet and landed on her chest, and started attacking her face.

She says she was struggling not to scream.

"My five-year-old granddaughter was in the house and I didn't want her coming out. If she would have came out it would have killed her," said Phillips.

She fought to get a good grip around its neck while it bit her arms, legs, fingers and face.

Once the bobcat stopped moving, she yelled for someone to call 911. When police arrived, she said her arms and legs were numb, but her hands were still gripped around the bobcat’s neck.

She says her son stabbed the bobcat as deputies arrived. Phillips is recovering and being treated for a rabies infection.

Link: http://www.wfla.com/national/grandmother-kills-

Husband Declares His Marriage is Over After Wife Salted his Movie Theater Popcorn Without Permission

A husband has declared his marriage over after his wife salted their popcorn at the movie theater against his wishes. Cops were called to mediate the snack dispute at Marcus Majestic Cinema in Brookfield, Wisconsin, on the outskirts of Milwaukee, at about 9.31pm on May 27, per a police report obtained by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The wife explained that prior to the movie, she was in line to get popcorn when her husband asked her not to salt it before he walked away. After getting the popcorn, she decided that since she had paid for it, she would go ahead salt it despite his protests.

When the husband discovered his wife had salted the popcorn, he accused her of being unfaithful and declared that their marriage was over, according to police. The husband then refused to watch the movie and waited outside the theater while the wife enjoyed the film and the popcorn.

The wife found him after the movie, but would not let him drive, claiming that he drives too fast when he is angry. The husband refused to get in the car unless he could drive, but the wife held the keys.

Fearing he'd be stranded at the theater with no way home, the wife called police after he said he wouldn't ride home with her.

It is unclear how long the couple had been married, or what movie they had planned to see that night.

Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-

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