Facebook Can Open Your Blinking Eyes In Selfies

How many times have you taken a selfie only to find that you blinked at the exact moment that the photo was taken? It feels like the photo is not salvageable – which is why Facebook is coming in with a feature to help you out. Why waste a potentially good selfie?

There’s a strong possibility that in the future, Facebook will roll out an AI feature that will retouch your blinking photos to make you wide-eyed and beautiful again. It’s the same technology they use to make fake photos of celebrities and change the weather in footage. Using AI, you’ll even be able to create realistic looking photos from scratch. It’s coming for us!

Of course, the system has to learn what your eyes look like open before it can hook you up with some sweet edits. And this is only the beginning for tweaking photos using AI technology. And in a world where we want to make sure we have all the best content possible, who wouldn’t want a little retouching feature to make your selfies as bomb as possible?

The only issue with the technology? It still doesn’t really know how to work around people wearing glasses or people with bangs in their face. But we can’t have it all, right?

Source: The Verge



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