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Joey Chestnut Loses At Cheese Curds Eating Contest

One of the world's greatest eating contest champions came up short in Wisconsin this weekend. Joey Chestnut, who is currently ranked first in the world by Major League Eating, competed in the Wisconsin State Fair cheese curd eating contest – and lost.

In fact, he came in third behind Gideon Oji and first-place winner Darron Breeden. Breeden gobbled five-pounds, two-ounces of cheese curds in six minutes. Guessing Breeden’s not feeling too poorly this morning – the prize was four-thousand-dollars.

Source: TMJ4

What Does The Light From Your Phone ACTUALLY Do To Your Eyes

In a terrifying new turn, a study shows that the light from your phone can actually speed up blindness. Long exposure to blue light? Not good for you! And it can contribute to macular degeneration. You know what that means? Time to start putting down our phones from time to time.

Blue light in particular is more damaging than other kinds of light. So you really want to take measures to protect yourself from your screens. Not only does it mess with your eyes, but it messes with your sleep schedule too. All of that exposure has your body thinking it’s daytime all the time.

But there are things you can do to help yourself. You could wear blue light cancelling lenses or even sunglasses when you look at your screens. And the most important thing – avoid scrolling on your phone in the dark.

Source: Bustle

Get Paid To Live On A Greek Island And Play With Cats

If you’re cursing your morning commute today or you really have a case of the Mondays, maybe it’s time to change things up. Lots of us have dreamed of quitting our nine-to-five and taking off for a new stress-free life somewhere and this could be our chance. We could get hired to live on a Greek island and take care of cats. For real.

God's Little People Cat Rescue is hiring a new caretaker and this place just so happens to be located on the island of Syros in Greece. The part-time gig is a cat-lover’s dream, as the main job responsibility is looking after 55 cats. And it even comes with free housing. The sanctuary manager’s house has a garden and a picturesque view of the Aegean Sea, too.

The ideal candidate is a lover of cats and nature and is down for the “long term” commitment of beginning the job November 1, 2018 with a minimum requirement of six months and two to three weeks of volunteer work before you “officially” get started, so the cats can get to know you and all.

Sound like an opportunity you can’t pass up? Check out the full listing here first and if you want to go for it, send your application “with a photo and relevant information” to joanbowell@yahoo.com.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Scientists Accidentally Discover Drug That May Stop Weight Gain

Scientists have accidentally discovered a drug that could let you eat as much as you want without gaining weight.

The team at Yale University were actually trying to create a morbidly obese mouse, but instead, they managed to create one that eats but doesn’t get fat.

During their experiment they edited out two genes, thinking it would make the mice fat. But despite eating a high-fat diet the mice actually stayed skinny.

After noticing the surprising development, the team, led by cardiology professor Anne Eichmann and associate research scientist Feng Zang, decided to investigate why.

Their findings could pave the way for a new drug that helps combat the obesity crisis.

They discovered editing out the two key genes, “zipped up” specialized vessels in the lymphatic system — the network of vessels in the body that forms part of the immune system.

The change helped stop the body store fat. Instead of turning lipids in the diet into fat the genetically-modified mice expelled the lipids and didn’t gain weight.

The “failure,” published in the journal Science, posed the question: Could this be done in humans?

So far experts have only been able to switch the genes off in rodents, but that doesn’t mean that with further research it won’t be available for people.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/08/10/scientists-accidentally

How Your Musical Taste Affects Your Love Life

Sandcastle enthusiasts have been warned to avoid a certain beach in Cornwall at all costs. That’s because the sand at Perranporth beach is simply ‘too damp’, according to an utterly bizarre review left on Trip Advisor.

A holidaymaker who apparently doesn’t understand how the tide works left the scathing review after making the trip to Perranporth. Perranporth beach in Cornwall is a surfer’s paradise but not the best if you like dry sand, apparently. She complained that the wet sand makes building sandcastles tough, and the beach was ‘far too busy’ for her liking. But despite all that, she still rated it a respectable three out of five – so the trip can’t have been that bad.

The woman wrote: ‘I found the sand to be much too damp – not great for building sand castles. ‘There are a few car parks but I think we were just lucky in finding a space.’ The Trip Advisor review made its way onto social media, where locals had a laugh at its expense. She still rated it three out of five.

One person wrote: ‘Also went to Perranporth once and the sea was wet. ‘If you could sort that out to it would be very much appreciated.’ Family of man found dead in Ibiza believe he was killed and are offering £5,000 reward Surfing shop Piran Surf also made light of the review on Facebook. It posted: ‘Check this review out of our beach! ‘Considering like most beaches we have tides and the sand remarkably gets wet… we will still try and keep our sand less damp.

Link: https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/11/woman-complain

You Could Win Guitar Lessons From Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran just launched a contest in which one lucky fan can actually get guitar lessons from the singer. The contest is helping raise awareness of Drop4Drop, a charity aiming to provide access to clean water to people around the world. 

The lucky winner will be flown to Ed’s show at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, with Ed sharing, “I will teach you to play one of my songs on guitar, and then you’ll get a guitar that I’ll sign and give to you after the lesson." He adds, “So you’ll also get to go to that gig. I will pay for you to be there, so I’ll fly you out to New York, cover your hotel and give you tickets to the show."

Fans have until September 1st to enter, with the winner announced September 7th. Click here for more info, and check out Ed’s announcement to the right. 

Source: Drop4Drop



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