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Dating Trends: Mountaineering

Here’s the reality, folks. We all go for people who are a little out of our league. We look for the uber attractive, super unattainable people to jazz up our lives a little bit. And there’s a word for it now: mountaineering.

It’s when you date someone that’s a little more attractive and a little more popular than you. You’re prepared to make the climb to get what you want.

But the thing about mountaineering? We don’t usually know we’re doing it. We’re all just going for the best looking ones out there in hopes of finding the one – and in hopes that the one is super hot. And even if you know you’re making the big climb – good for you! There’s no reason anyone should ACTUALLY “be out of your league.”

Source: Metro

Man Suddenly A Talented Artist After Stroke

One Londoner went from scribbles to Picasso after waking up in the hospital from a stroke. Wayne Sheppard says he couldn’t even draw basic shapes before the event – now he’s selling canvas after canvas of original artwork!

According to experts, strokes can cause brain damage that can actually have a positive effect on someone’s creativity, but usually, it's not as dramatic as Sheppard’s case. “I remember waking up in the hospital the next morning with this sudden urge to draw,” Sheppard recalls. “For the first three days out of hospital, I just started sketching non-stop. I was never able to draw before.”

But now? People from around the world are shelling out hundreds of dollars for his pieces. Sheppard says his newfound hobby is helping him cope with his health problems, including being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer Stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Wanna see? CLICK HERE

Source: NY Post

Study says checking work email in your free time makes employees -- and significant others -- anxious

If you're kicking back on your time off and feel that urge to check your work email, don't. It really freaks people out.

Scientists from Virginia Tech surveyed 108 employees -- as well as 138 of their significant others and 105 of their managers -- and found that employees who check their email while they're supposed to be off not only made their fellow employees nervous, but also raised anxiety levels among their significant others.

"Some employees admitted to monitoring their work email from every hour to every few minutes, which resulted in higher levels of anxiety and conflict between spouses," co-author William Becker, an associate professor of management in the Pamplin College of Business, told ABC News.Professor Becker asked, "Are we underestimating the effect this is having on our spouses?"Both partners also reported negative health impacts from the increased anxiety, which may be explained by the well-established relationship between chronic stress and poor physical and mental health outcomes."Anxiety can manifest in several ways, including changes in appetite, concentration, focus and decreased quality of sleep. It makes people less productive in their work and home lives," Dr. Lama Bazzi, who is part of the American Psychiatric Association Board of Directors, told ABC News.This study comes months after New York Councilman Rafael Espinal introduced a "Right to Disconnect" Bill, the first of its kind in the U.S. and modeled after a similar legislation in France, which would make it unlawful for private employees in New York to respond to work email after hours. The study called for employers to set expectations for after-hour emails with both experienced and, especially, new employees.

And for those whose jobs require them to be connected all the time, the study recommends they should "engage in mindfulness practices" to take the edge off.


New Cutlery “Shocks” You Into Liking Food

Ever take a bite of dinner and think it needs a little salt? While that little bit of salt or sugar can make something taste way better, it’s not doing your body any good. Nimesha Ranasinghe, a Ph.D. student from the University of Maine, has created a healthy solution – utensils that “shock” you into liking the taste of your food more.

How? The cutlery delivers little shocks to your taste buds, which trick you into thinking the food is saltier or spicier. “By applying electric salt to mashed potato, the overall flavor is enhanced,” explains Ranasinghe. He says that he’s still working on a solution for sugar, as sweetness is a little trickier to tackle.

Ranasinghe hopes he can develop the technology to someday let people control how anything they’re eating tastes, but it’s not quite there, yet. “It’s like TV in the 1950s,” he says. If perfected, his creation could be a big help to those struggling to lose weight or kick sugar, not to mention preventing health problems like diabetes.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

The Weirdest Jobs Per State

It isn’t uncommon to hear kids say they want to be firefighters, or even doctors or teachers, but we bet none of them have ever said they want to be a dog surf instructor. In fact, most adults didn’t even know that’s a thing, but apparently, it is! And it’s also one of several weird jobs that people in this country have. 

The site 24/7 Wall Street reviewed job listing sites, online databases, and occupation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the weirdest job or job opening in every state, and while some aren’t that crazy, there are others that will probably leave you shaking your head.

For example, the dog surf instructor is actually someone’s job in California, while in Florida, it’s someone’s job to be a scuba diving pizza deliveryman.

Other weird jobs by state include:

  • Georgia - Chicken sexer
  • Hawaii – Golf ball diver
  • Indiana – Airplane repo man
  • Kansas – Dog food taster
  • Michigan – Furniture tester
  • Minnesota – Professional sleeper
  • Missouri – Dice quality inspector
  • New Jersey - gum buster
  • New York – Fortune cookie writer
  • North Carolina – Face Feeler
  • Ohio – Odor judge
  • Oregon – Professional snuggler
  • Texas – Marketing Unicorn

Click here to see the weirdest job in your state.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street



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