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Amazon Selling Seven-Foot Live Christmas Trees This Year

It looks like Christmas tree vendors have a new major competitor this holiday season. According to reports, Amazon is set to start selling and delivering full-sized live Christmas trees.

Starting sometime in November, customers will be able to pick between various types of live trees – including Douglas firs, Norfolk Island pines, and Fraser firs. The company has sold smaller live Christmas trees last year, but this time around the trees are a whopping seven-feet tall. The price to pay for getting your favorite tree delivered to your doorstep is a little steeper than your average street vendor, a seven-foot Fraser fir going for $115.

Soon, customers will be able to custom order their tree and pick a convenient delivery date, too. Amazon will also offer buyers other holiday accessories like wreaths and garlands.

  • ONE MORE THING! A spokesperson from the National Christmas Tree Association says that they’re not concerned about online competitors. In fact, consumers seem to enjoy the tradition of going out and picking a tree themselves. Online tree orders reportedly only accounted for around one or two percent of last year’s 27 million tree sales. But with the convenience of Amazon and new technology like Alexa, who knows how those numbers will change over time. 

Source: Associated Press

Those Looking For Long-term Relationships Seek Partners That Look Like Their Parents

While the idea of being attracted to someone who looks like your parents may gross you out, a new study suggests that when it comes to settling down with someone, that’s exactly what folks are looking for. 

A study out of Charles University in Prague finds that when looking for a long-term partner, men and women, for the most part, go for partners with the same or similar eye and hair color as their own parents. 

But it’s not like men and women are purposefully seeking out partners that look like mom and dad. Instead, scientists suggest we are subconsciously “imprinted” to find partners that look like our parents. Another reason we could be subconsciously picking a similar looking mate is that by doing so there’s more of a chance of producing children with similar features as previous generations.

Although it seems there are some cases where folks may actually shun anyone who looks at all like their family. Apparently, women whose father was not a part of their life during childhood are less likely to seek out someone with similar traits as their dad.

Source: The Mail

Cowboy Boots Are Making A Comeback

It’s Fashion Week in New York so we’re seeing all the new trends coming down the runway. And one look that’s been on many models has a western vibe - cowboy boots. That’s right, they’re back in style and you might be shaking your head now, but you’ll be seeing more of these boots this season.

Judging from the fall fashion shows, ankle boots with western details are going to be more mainstream. And they’re not all full-on cowgirl looking either, there are a range of interpretations of the style out there. Brands like Fendi offer high-end western-inspired boots but contemporary fast-fashion labels like Zara and Topshop have more budget-friendly options.

Cowboy boots are definitely not for everyone, but with the variety of styles available, you might be surprised. This season it’s about updating the classic with a little modern twist, so they’re not kitschy, they’re cool. And if you want to step out in some cowboy boots of your own, from the Gap to Calvin Klein, you’re bound to find a pair that work for you.

Source: Glamour

Toddler busts her own mother when she shows police secret drug stash

A 3-year-old girl accidentally helped police arrest her mother after the toddler reached under the seat of the car and revealed her mother's secret stash of marijuana, Syracuse.com reports. 

New York state troopers pulled the car over last week after the driver, Scott Hill, and passenger, MeganKarl, were making suspicious movements. When troopers interviewed Hill, the toddler in the backseat pulled out a suspicious bag. 

"The little girl reached under the front seat and retrieved a zippered pouch," police said in a statement. "She opened it and held it up so the trooper could see the contents."

The bag was filled with marijuana, a grinding device and a smoking pipe. Hill and Karl have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful possession of marijuana. 

Karl's daughter was taken into the care of relatives, and may have a career in drug busts. 

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Apple Will Reveal Cheaper iPhone X And More Today - It’s Apple presentation day!

Apple will be announcing what's up and coming for its product line today at its fall event with CEO Tim Cook. He's expected to show off the latest updates to the iPhone X which will make it cheaper. There are also expected to be minor updates to the Apple Watch and AirPods.

We may also find out the fate of the home button or if the click wheel will make a comeback. The event is at 1 p.m. Eastern and you can watch it here. Source: Wired



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