Hannah's Headlines- 9/24/2018

Delta To Test Facial Recognition Technology In Atlanta

There’s no doubt that most of us have been stuck behind that person on the TSA security line fumbling through their bag for their boarding pass and passport, but that may not be an issue for much longer, thanks to new technology. 

Delta just announced that starting October 15th they are going to be using facial recognition technology to replace passports and tickets at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, in the hopes that it will speed up travelers’ time getting through security and on the plane. 

The new biometric identification system will be added to check-in kiosks, baggage drop-off and security checkpoints for international flights, with the airline noting that it may be rolled out in other airport terminals if it successfully reduces boarding times, which is the main goal.

  • Of course, some people have privacy concerns regarding the technology, and for now it will be optional for travelers. Customers will provide all their passport info during the online check in process, and will then have their faces scanned at kiosks at each transition point in the airport. If everything checks out, they’ll see a green light, which allows them to proceed to the next spot. If they opt out, they'll simply go through the normal airport process.

Source: The Mail

Party City's "Ghosted" Halloween Costume Is Causing A Stir

It’s almost spooky season, and that means we’re gearing up to be all dolled up in the best costumes we can come up with. And for people in a bind, Party City is the best place to go for the best selection of costumes. They’ve just unveiled a new set of costumes and one of them really sticks out to us – it’s called “ghosted,” and it’s essentially a sexy ghost costume with unanswered texts all over it.

People aren’t so sure how to feel about the humorous take on a classic ghost costume. It kind of seems like they’re poking fun at a phenomenon in modern dating that’s realistically, really not fun. All in all, the costume is all in good fun and not ACTUALLY offensive to anyone. People are just sensitive to being ghosted at all, and the costume is all to real and relatable.

Chill out, people!

Source: Insider

Winter is coming -- so download the "Uber of snow removal" now

SnoHub is sort of like the Uber of snow removal: Open an app, find a local driver, and a plow comes to your door -- in some cases as quickly as 10 minutes. The plow removes the snow and you pay via the app.SnoHub contractors can also shovel and salt your walkways or perform other related tasks by request, all while you watch and sip your cocoa. Or if you're not at home, they'll send you before and after pictures to prove they got the job done.

You can even order the services for others -- say your stubborn dad, who still insists on risking a slip-and-fall himself.

Available in 20 states so far, as well as in Canada, the app's creators hope to break the one-million subscriber mark this winter.  And if you're looking to make extra cash, SnoHub's looking to field a 100,000-strong army of veterans, students and anyone else looking to make extra cash to serve the app's subscribers.

‘Indiana Jones’ Named Greatest Movie Trilogy of All Time

A new survey asking 2,000 Americans to pick the best movie trilogy of all time saw the original “Indiana Jones” trilogy (sorry, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”) named at the top. The second and third place trophies were awarded to the first three “Jurassic Park” movies and “The Godfather” trilogy, respectively. The surprising new results emerged from a survey conducted by Vudu Movies & TV, which saw “Back to the Future” and “The Lord of the Rings” receiving high marks as well. And if there was any debate on which is superior, the original “Star Wars” trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI) received twice the number of votes that the prequel “Star Wars” trilogy did (Episodes I, II and III).

  • I think “Star Wars 4,5,6” was the greatest movie trilogy. Which do you think deserves to win?


Old Farmer's Almanac Winter 2019 Forecast Says It Will Be Warm and Wet

You may want to swap out your snow boots for rain boots this year. Most of the country can expect more rain and less snow this winter, says The Old Farmer's Almanac. The OFA, founded in 1792, just released its annual weather forecast—and it says that 2019 will be warm and wet.

"This winter, we expect to see above-normal temperatures almost everywhere in the United States, except in the Southwest, where we're predicting a colder-than-normal season," the OFA forecasts.

So much for dreaming of a white Christmas. According to the report, precipitation will also fall in the above-normal range (except in Southern California, the Southeast, and a small patch of the Midwest), while snow levels will be below-normal (except the "interior West" and again, part of the Midwest).

Last winter, the OFA's competitor Farmers' Almanac (founded in 1818) predicted a cold and wet season. While the Almanac has yet to put out a forecast of their own for Winter 2019, the National Weather Service's predictions are similar to the OFA's: above-normal temps for most of the country, particularly the Southwest, Northeast, and Northwestern Alaska.

Of course, as The Washington Post notes, you should take these forecasts with a grain of salt. Though the predictions are in line with long-term trends, the publication says, weather forecasting is simply not yet advanced enough to ensure accurate predictions this far out. Still, it might be worth investing in a good pair of wellies for winter.




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