Hannah's Headlines- 10/9/2018

Google Plus To Shut Down After Data Breach

Google-Plus is reportedly shutting down after private data from hundreds of thousands of users was exposed. The Wall Street Journal first reported that Google discovered the data breach last March, but kept it private.

Apparently, the software bug exposed data including names, email addresses, birth dates, and other personal information of Google-Plus users between 2015 and 2018. It also allowed access to profile data of friends of users.

If there’s good news, it’s that Google said it found no evidence that any of the information was misused. Google is expected to announce a series of new privacy policy changes, including winding down Google-Plus operations over the next ten months.

Source: Fortune

Alligator Found In Lake Michigan - A creature was found in a most unlikely place and has us wondering if there are more.

An alligator has been found swimming in Lake Michigan. Authorities rescued the four-foot gator today after someone saw it swimming slowly in the lake near Waukegan, Illinois. The four foot long alligator is being sent to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, Illinois.

The scaly reptiles typically live in fresh water from North Carolina to Texas, however there are isolated reports of the animals appearing elsewhere.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Would You Preform CPR On A Wild Animal To Save Their Life?

Police in Minnesota shared video of a man using CPR to revive a squirrel that was not responding after being struck by a car. The Brooklyn Park Police Department said officers were on patrol last month when they came across the unusual sight of a man near the curb of a road using a gloved hand to push down on the chest of a motionless squirrel. The man told police he was trying to save the squirrel after hitting it with his car. The officers recommend the man flip the squirrel onto its belly, and the rodent starts to move seconds after the man complies. The man shares high fives with the officers as the squirrel is apparently resuscitated.

  • What animal would you refuse to give CPR too?

Link: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2018/10/08/Man-uses-CPR-


Trick-Or-Treaters Over 12 Could Face Jail Time In This Town

Halloween is just weeks away and kids across the country are getting their costumes ready so they can go collect candy, but one Virginia town has some serious rules about trick-or-treating. In Chesapeake, kids over 12 are not allowed to participate in the holiday tradition. And if they do? They could be slapped with fines or face jail time!

Apparently, the town has had the ordinance on the books for a few years now and someone recently shared a screenshot of the harsh rules on Facebook, where it’s gone viral because it’s just so unbelievable. It explains that if anyone over 12 engages in trick-or-treating or any similar activity, “he or she shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not less than $25.00 nor more than $100.00 or by confinement in jail for not more than six months or both.”

And that’s not the only wacky rule. Chesapeake, Virginia also only allows trick-or-treating between the hours of 6pm and 8pm and anyone who tries to collect candy after that cut-off time could be in trouble. So if a couple of sixth-graders who are hopped up on a sugar high while out trick-or-treating lose track of time and knock on the door of a cranky neighbor at 8:15, they could potentially be charged with a misdemeanor. Seriously?!

To be fair, Chesapeake isn’t the only city to pass ordinances like these, there are a few other towns in Virginia with rules about Halloween, but come on. Parents say their kids are growing up too fast, so can we please let them trick-or-treat as long as they want to? If they come to the door wearing a costume and are fairly polite, who cares if they’re 14 and it’s 8:15?

Source: Scary Mommy

Restaurant Workers Reveal The Grossest Things They’ve Ever Witnessed

America loves to dine out, and when we do we are assuming the restaurants we eat in safe and clean. Sadly,  as most of us know all too well, regardless of that inspection sticker on the wall, there could be some very gross things happening in the kitchen.

While some of us would rather remain clueless, some restaurant workers are now spilling the beans to Buzzfeed about some of the grossest things they’ve witnessed, and after you hear them, you may start thinking about cooking at home again.

Gross things restaurant workers have witnessed include:

  • “One day the ice machine was jammed so a customer asked for help to unclog it. One of the workers walked into the bathroom and back out with a toilet plunger, then started using it to break up the ice."
  • One worker at a sandwich shop says he “watched in horror as (the cook) took his spatula and flipped a sandwich on the grill, then shoved the same spatula down his pants to scratch his junk."
  • A hotel worker said they went to clean the machine where they got the orange juice and found “a ton of dead fruit flies... and an excessive amount of mold."
  • "I work in a pizza place that serves chicken wings. I have witnessed on several occasions wings rolling onto the floor as they're being put in the oven, then being picked up and put right back with the rest of them."
  • “I saw one of the cooks, who was notorious for not wearing gloves, sneeze into his hand then proceed to top a pizza. I passed on every staff meal after that."
  • "I once listened to a group of cooks trying to figure out if there were too many maggots in a batch of chocolate ganache to use it, or if they could just strain them out."
  • “One morning I pointed out that a mouse had gotten into our bakery's display case. There were mouse pawprints across an entire case of frosted cookies. My boss smoothed over the frosting and told me to sell the cookies anyway."
  • "One time I accidentally dropped an entire box of feta cheese into the trash bin. My boss just picked all of it out, washed it with water, and served it in a salad as if nothing had happened."
  • "I saw a grill cook use his tongs to get something off of the bottom of his shoe, then use that same pair of tongs to continue flipping steaks." 

Source: Buzzfeed

Hug it out! Study proves hugs makes us feel better

It's not your imagination that a hug can brighten a tough day -- so says a study from Carnegie Mellon University.

In a study published in the medical journal PLOS One, researchers at the institution used a survey of hundreds of men and women to determine that a consensual hug from someone -- not necessarily a loved one, but even a trusted friend -- can boost your mood even through the next day.

Their survey also revealed that if the person had been in a conflict with another person, the hug from another acted as a shield against negative emotions. 

What's more, people who considered themselves huggers were found to have stronger relationships and even better overall health than non-huggers.

More study is needed, the scientists allow, but it shows promise. "This research is in its early stages. We still have questions about when, how, and for whom hugs are most helpful,” says study co-author Michael Murphy. "However, our study suggests that consensual hugs might be useful for showing support to somebody enduring relationship conflict."

The researchers add, "[H]ugs may be a simple yet effective method of providing support to both men and women experiencing interpersonal distress."

Cinnamon Coke Is A Thing

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has a new addition to their lineup: a limited-edition cinnamon flavor soda, just in time for the holiday season. The spicy soda hits stores this month and will be available until the end of the year.

The only catch? You’ll have to head to the UK to taste it because they’re only releasing it there. Coca-Cola UK”s press release explains that the inspiration for the flavor is “in response to the general public’s love of the flavor.” So maybe if it’s a hit across the pond, we can get it in the states down the road.

Source: FoodBeast



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