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Woman Goes To Supermarket And Leaves With Newborn Baby

A Russian woman got a little more than she paid for after she went to the supermarket and left less than an hour later with a newborn baby. As the unnamed pregnant woman reached the checkout counter, she realized her baby was coming – and fast. With a little help from a cashier and a few fellow shoppers, she safely gave birth to a baby boy right at checkout.

In a security video, the woman can be seen holding her baby bump and talking to the cashier, reportedly telling her calmly that she was about to give birth. The cashier sprung into action, having her manager call an ambulance. Meanwhile, another shopper helped lower the mom-to-be to the floor to get more comfortable.

Some shoppers continued to check out at other counters as the woman began to give birth with help from her impromptu nurses. About 11 minutes later, the baby boy arrived before the ambulance could. She was rushed to the hospital, where doctors confirmed she had a successful, healthy delivery. Check out the video to the right.

Source: Daily Mail

Why More People Are Going Out For Thanksgiving Dinner

Ah, yes. Thanksgiving. The time of year when our moms are sweating over a stove, yelling at us to set the table, and getting her panties in a bunch when the casserole is even a smidge overcooked. Sounds fun, right? Not exactly. Not for anyone involved. So it makes sense that more and more people are opting to eat out on Thanksgiving instead of slaving over a turkey themselves.

Eating out has a few benefits. You don’t have to stress out about recipes, grocery shopping, and cooking, for starters. Also, you don’t have to worry about wasting any food, because your fridge won’t be filled with leftovers after a night out on Thanksgiving. All you have to do is shell out a few bucks per person, and the table setting, cooking, and serving is all up to someone else.

Oh, and don’t forget to show some love and tips to the waitstaff wherever you go. Remember these unsung heroes are working to make YOUR Thanksgiving special instead of being a part of their own holiday.

Source: PopSugar

Construction Workers Find Wall Full Of Human Teeth

Construction workers in Valdosta, Georgia were in the process of renovating an old building when they made a gruesome discovery. After cracking open a wall, they were shocked to find that it was stuffed with around 1,000 human teeth.

City officials think they may have come up with a reason why there would be such a stash hidden in the building’s walls… and it looks like they were there for a while. A researcher for the Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum says that the building used to be occupied by at least two different dentists back in the early 1900s. What’s more, they have a receipt from 1928 for a tooth extraction that proves there was dentistry going on in the building.

Even stranger, this isn’t the first time human teeth have been found in old Georgia buildings. Museum officials are interested in doing DNA tests to further research the possible origin of the strange stash of chompers. But for now, it will remain somewhat of a mystery.

Source: The Sun

Another Surgeon Mistakenly Removes Healthy Kidney: We previously reported that a woman in Iowa sued her surgeon after he removed one of her healthy kidneys. Well, now it’s happened again, only with a different surgeon in Florida. Maureen Pacheco is suing Dr. Ramon Vazquez for removing her perfectly healthy kidney. She had originally gone in for back surgery, but the surgeon decided to remove the kidney after he mistakenly thought it was a “cancerous mass.”He could have his license pulled for it, too. The suit has since been settled for an undisclosed amount.

Wrapping Paper With Your Face On It Exists

Have you ever wanted to wrap a gift to someone with your face? No? Too bad. This year, you can give the most personalized gift possible by wrapping your well-thought-out goodies in well-thought-out wrapping paper. GiftWrapMyFace is a company completely dedicated to putting your mug all over some festive wrapping paper. 

Don’t worry about the budget, because it costs less than 20 bucks to create. All you have to do is log on to the website, choose the design that speaks to you, and upload the photo you want smattered all over the paper. It sounds crazy, but realistically, your friends and family will probably be just as pleased with the giftwrap as they will be with the gift.

It’s not quite so easy considering there are over 50 designs to choose from, but once you land on the perfect one, you’re bound to put a smile on some faces before they’ve even revealed the actual gift. If you’re strapped for something personal, give your pals the gift of your face all over a package!

Source: Bustle

Couple Turns Old Bread Truck Into Dream Home

A couple in the UK found a unique solution to their housing situation and ended up creating their dream home in the process. With real estate prices out of control, Iona Stewart and Martin Hill knew they had to be creative and since they love to travel, they wanted a home that could hit the road with them and work with their budget.

The couple found a truck that was used for bread delivery and was selling on eBay for a little over $4,600, so they bought it and converted it into their dream home by themselves. Martin did a lot of the physical labor and Iona worked on the interior design, getting everything just right to function in their small space.

After four months of hard labor and about $25,000, they had their dream house on wheels ready for their next adventure. They have a bedroom, a full kitchen, a bathroom and living room, custom created exactly like they wanted and for a fraction of the cost of a conventional home. Plus, it can go anywhere their wanderlust takes them.

Source: Little Things



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