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Starbucks Has A New Latte That Tastes Like Cookie Butter

If you’re dealing with the January blues, a nice coffee drink could help boost your mood. These days, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are just a faint memory, but Starbucks has a new beverage to get us through the winter. The Cinnamon Shortbread Latte is here and some are saying it tastes just like cookie butter in a cup! And they had us at cookie butter.

The drink is made with espresso and milk, flavored with “notes of brown butter and vanilla,” and it’s finished off with cinnamon and nutmeg. You can get a Cinnamon Shortbread Latte hot, iced, or as a Frappuccino, so you can take your pick. They’re available now, but only for a limited time, so don’t miss out on this sweet treat.

Source: The Daily Meal

Peeps Coffee Creamer Is Here To Sweeten Your Morning

We’re only really just a few weeks into winter, but don’t tell that to the folks at International Delight. They must think spring has sprung because they just came out with a new coffee creamer featuring the candy that screams spring: Peeps! Yes, those little sugar coated marshmallow bunnies and chicks are now available in creamer form, to sweeten up your morning cup of coffee. The liquid form of the Easter basket favorite even comes in a cute yellow bottle with lots of pastel Peeps on it, perfect for the marshmallow creamer to bring joy to your cold winter mornings. You can find the new Peeps creamer in stores now, next to the other International Delight dessert-like creamers, including Oreo and White Chocolate Raspberry.

Source: Delish

Police Looking For Doorbell Licker

Be very careful of who's doorbell you touch. It seems that police are looking for a man caught on camera licking the doorbell of a California home and allegedly relieving himself in the yard. The suspect, whom police identified as 33-year-old Roberto Arroyo, spent about three hours licking the doorbell and milling around the Salinas, California, yard of Sylvia and Dave Dungan. The homeowners were out of town when the incident happened, but their children were inside the home, sleeping. The family called police after reviewing footage on their new security system, installed a month ago, which alerts them when there’s movement by the front door. He also reportedly went to a neighboring home as well. Police say the security footage made it easy to identify the suspect. The suspect could face two misdemeanor charges for petty theft and prowling.

An 18-inch pizza has more pizza than two 12-inch pies

Who doesn’t love pizza, and the more pizza the better. But if you think you’re getting more cheesy goodness by ordering two small 12-inch pies, rather than one big 18-inch one, you’re in for a shock. Fermat’s Library has done the math and discovered that one 18-inch pie has 254 square inches of pizza, while two 12-inch pies have only 226 square inches. As you can imagine, the Internet is shocked by the revelation. Check out their reactions here. Source: Mashable

Should We Be Tipping Flight Attendants?

As of Jan. 1, Frontier Airlines flight attendants are now accepting individual tips. The company introduced tipping through its in-flight payment system three years ago, but previously required flight attendants to pool tips. Customers who order a drink or a snack aboard a Frontier flight will now be prompted by a message reading “gratuities are appreciated!” to add a tip of 15 percent, 20 percent or 25 percent. But should you tip your flight attendant? While many say it’s a nice gesture, some travel advocates and flight attendants themselves are opposed. The Association of Flight Attendants International, a union that represents 50,000 flight attendants at 20 airlines including Frontier, opposes the tipping policy, saying attendants should instead be paid higher wages. (The median annual salary for a flight attendant hovers at around $50,500, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

  • Have you ever tipped a flight attendant? Did they accept or just say thanks but not necessary?

Link: https://nypost.com/2019/01/08/should-you-be-tipping-

Top Travel Destinations For 2019, And When To Visit Them

Now that it’s 2019, a lot of us are probably thinking about where we want to go on vacation. Now if saving money is key to picking a destination, CheapOAir has come out with their picks for the best destinations to travel to this year, as well as when will be the best time to head to them. 

Some of the 2019 destinations include: 

Aspen, Colorado – With airfares offering discounts to Colorado this year, January’s the time to go to Aspen, with plenty of events and activities, including the 2019 Winter X Games, which kick off January 24th. 

Memphis, Tennessee  There should be plenty of good discounts during February, which will allow folks to enjoy Memhis’ world famous BBQ, iconic blues music and more.

Bangkok, Thailand – April’s a great time to go in order to experience the Thai New Year, which takes place April 13th to 15th. There will also be an increase in flights because of the holiday, with high volume bringing affordable trips. 

Anchorage, Alaska – June is a great time to visit Anchorage, with the temperature around 60 degrees, as well as about 20 hours of daylight giving folks plenty of tie to enjoy outdoor activities.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – San Juan will be way more affordable in September than it is in the summer, plus it won’t be as crowded with tourists.

Paris, France – If you’ve always wanted to see the City of Lights, try visiting in December, when flights will be more affordable, and the city will be filled with Christmas markets and Christmas lights. 

  • Other top destinations for 2019 include Cairo, Egypt, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Portland, Maine, Ashville North Carolina, Tokyo, Japan and Manila in the Philippines. Click here to find out more info. 

Source: BizJournals

There Could Be A Guacamole Shortage For Super Bowl Sunday

 Football fans are being warned of a possible guacamole shortage on Super Bowl Sunday.

An avocado growers organization says a fuel shortage may prevent avocado farmers in Mexico from shipping their fruit to the U.S. in time for the big game. Mexico ships thousands of tons of avocados to the U.S. each February and a spokesman for the avocado producers says the next three weeks are the most important of the year.

The guacamole made from avocados will be consumed by football fans across the U.S. during the Super Bowl on February 3rd. It’s one of the top three foods eaten on that day.

This season, however, the Mexican government is clamping down on fuel theft in the country, prompting a fuel shortage in the regions that produce and export avocados to the U.S.

What we’re saying is…. plan an alternative dip for the big game.Source: Reuters

Study shows optimists stay healthier as they grow older

While those who see the glass as half-full seem happier, a new study shows they're actually healthier, too.

According to a survey of 7,000 people between the ages of 50 and 90 conducted by researchers at University College London, people who felt their lives had meaning walked faster, had stronger grips, and even suffered less pain than their Debbie Downer counterparts.

The Daily Mail reports that one key to feeling that your life has meaning seems to be social engagement. Those who judged their life worthwhile were more commonly married, versus those who saw their lives through a darker lens. Those folks spent almost twice as much time on their own compared to their happier counterparts -- more than six hours by their lonesome -- and also spent watching 50 more minutes of TV a day.

Those who judged their lives meaningful also see their friends frequently -- 13% more than those who weren't as happy -- and remain engaged in group activities like church groups, neighborhood watch associations, and other organizations.

The University's lead author Professor Andrew Steptoe noted, "Finding meaning when you are sitting on your own is quite tricky, since for most people, this is linked to their relationships."

"We were struck by how important this feeling of meaning was, with people who saw their lives as meaningful being much more healthy as well as being socially engaged."

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