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The Four-Day Work Week Is Coming For Us

There’s something we’ve been dreaming about ever since we started our five-day weeks in elementary school – three-day weekends, every weekend. It used to be a dream reserved for holidays and common colds on a Monday. But with employers starting to care more and more about the well-being of their employees, more companies are adopting the four-day work week.

The best part? Many of the companies that do this are allowing their employees to choose which day to take off. Fridays proved common, but Wednesdays were the favorite, giving people a “mid-weekend” to look forward to in the middle of their weeks. Not only does the trend allow people a break in their weeks, but it gives people a more realistic timeframe to take up their own projects and side hustles.

And seriously? We’re such grinders these days, we’re fitting five days of work into just four days anyway. It’s about time we got paid that way!

Source: Huffington Post

Dating Trends: Prowling

One of the most frustrating of the dating trends is making its rounds. Strap in, folks, because this one’s worse than ghosting. “Prowling” is the term for when someone is super hot and super cold when it comes to showing interest in you. One day, they’re showering you with love and affection, and the next, they’re MIA.

It’s not even over after that! They’ve ghosted you for a period of time, and then they come back in a blaze of glory, showering you in love all over again. What gives!? These prowlers are way more hassle than their worth. Chances are, if you fall into the trap of their little love fests, you’ll only get hurt down the road. Better to cut them off the second you recognize their crappy behavior!

Prowlers don’t always know what they’re up to, their feelings just genuinely change with the seasons (sometimes WAY more often than that). But all you can do is know you’re worth more than some loser who doesn’t know what s/he wants!

Source: Metro

Teacher secrets: https://www.buzzfeed.com/stephenlaconte/high-school teachers-share-secrets

States Where Making Under $100K Means You're Rich

While we’d all love to be millionaires and not have to worry about money, you don’t necessarily have to have such a huge bank account to be considered rich. The truth is, it all depends on where you live, and a new report reveals that in some states you can make less than $100K and still fall into that category of “rich.”

A GoBankingRates study finds there are actually 20 states where it is possible to earn less than $100K, and still be considered rich. They defined rich as having income in the 80th percentile of all households within a state, and then took into consideration things like home prices, and cost of living expenses, like groceries, transportation and more.

So, where can you live “rich” on less than $100K a year? Well, Mississippi is the state where that money will go the farthest. In fact a person only has to make $81,038 to fall into the rich category. Plus, in Mississippi, median top-tier homes cost only about $218,000, while the state has the overall lowest cost of living in the U.S.

Top 10 States Where You Can Be “Rich” For Less Than $100K(The amount of money you need to make to be “rich”)

  1. Mississippi ($81,038)
  2. Arkansas ($81,917)
  3. West Virginia ($82,384)
  4. Idaho ($86,701)
  5. Kentucky ($87,408)
  6. Montana ($88,241)
  7. Tennessee ($88,339)
  8. Alabama ($88,984)
  9. Oklahoma ($89,267)
  10. South Carolina ($89,604)

Click here to see the complete Top 20.

Source: GoBankingRates

We Could Have Super Hero Babies Soon

Have you heard about the ability to alter genetics in order to get you a baby with blue eyes. Well, research such as the Human Genome Project has now “mapped” genes linked to a host of human traits including eye color, athletic ability, IQ, and aggression. Even criminals have used this kind of technology as a defense in a court of law, saying their genetics made them do it. The fear is that there might be some rogue scientists around the world who will use this technology to create superhuman babies. This fear was even brought up by the late Stephen Hawking before he passed away. Now scientists are warning against the possibility of superhuman babies with superhuman abilities.



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