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Peeps Coffee Creamer Is Now On Shelves -Dunkin may be offering Peeps coffee, but International Delight has gone one better.

Peeps flavored coffee creamer is on shelves for the taking! You can’t miss the unmistakable Peeps print on the label for the marshmallow flavored morning boost.

The creamer will be available until the end of April, so grab em! In the last few years, Peeps have expanded from just being available for holidays to having year round offerings, by Easter time is still it’s best for the books.

Source:Mental Floss

Mom Delivers Surprise Twins A Month After Son’s Birth

Anyone who’s delivered a baby knows that the days after the birth can be challenging, uncomfortable and painful. But when one new mom in Bangladesh had pain and went back to the hospital to get it checked out a few weeks after having her first baby, she was stunned to find out she actually has two wombs and was pregnant with twins in the second one.

Afifa Sultanahad pains in her stomach and headed to the ER, where her doctor says they were “shocked and surprised” when they did an ultrasound and spotted the twins.Dr. Sheila Poddartreated the mom and admits, “I’ve never observed something like this before.”

The condition of having two wombs is rare, but it happens. A mom in the UK gave birth to triplets in 2006 - one baby in one womb and twins in the other. But this case was different because Sultana had no idea she was carrying the twins. She told doctors she and her husband couldn’t afford an ultrasound before, which would have revealed her double pregnancies. Thankfully, the boy and girl twins were born healthy and went home to join their month-older brother just four days after they were born.

“It was a miracle from Allah that all my children are healthy,” the father says. “I will try my best to keep them happy.”

Source:New York Post

Americans Putting Off At Least 14 Items On Their To-Do List

Most folks lead pretty hectic lives these days, leaving them little time to get things done. So, just how bad can things get? Well, according to a new poll, the average American is so busy they have 14 things on their to-do list that they just keep putting off, while 21% say they actually have more than 20 items they aren’t doing. 

The survey by H&R Block finds that 60% of Americans are currently putting off basic tasks like cleaning, making a stop at the bank, or even doing their taxes. And it’s perfectly understandable when the results of the study show most Americans really only have four hours and 26 minutes of free time a week. If that isn’t bad enough, 40% of folks say they have even less than that.

So, what are some of the biggest things people are putting off? Well, for 37% of people it’s doing odd jobs around the house, and another 36% say it’s going for their medical checkup.Other tasks being put off include:

  • Sorting out cabinets/spring cleaning (34%)
  • Paying bills (33%)
  • Sorting paperwork (32%)
  • Taking unwanted items to the store or selling them online (30%)
  • Fixing or mending items/clothing (30%)
  • Going for a haircut (30%)
  • Catching up with friends (29%)
  • Budget planning/reviewing your finances (29%)

Source:SWNS Digital

Ages When People Are Most Likely To Cheat

Just being honest, here – cheating can happen at any time to anyone. It’s all a matter of where the relationship is, what issues each person is having, and how drunk they were when it happened. But there is some research to show that certain age groups are more likely to cheat than others, and it’s kind of interesting.

Turns out, men usually sign up forAshley Madison– the app that helps you cheat on your spouse – when they’re 36. Women sign up around the age of 33. This supports the stat that 32% of people who admitted to cheating were in the 30 to 39 age range. The other data is as follows:

  • Ages 19-29: 28%
  • Ages 40-49: 24%

Instead of sitting by the calendar, waiting for your boo’s 35thbirthday so you can clock if they’re cheating or not, we could use these stats to determine the general ages when people get unsettled in their relationships.

Don’t start going all Sherlock Holmes on bae’s text messages, but little check ins here and there couldn’t hurt to make sure you and your partner are both feeling happy and healthy in your relationship.


Kids “No Gift Birthday Parties” Yay or Nay? Because They’re A Thing Now!

A very interesting article in NYPost.com discusses the new trend of no gift birthday parties for kids because these kids have enough toys according to one mom. For some parents not being able to bring a gift to a child’s birthday party is difficult but etiquette expert Diane Gottsman says that guests needn’t grapple with coming empty-handed: If the host says “no gifts, please” on an invitation, it’s good manners to comply. “The awkward moment comes when some people show up with gifts anyway,” she says. “If they’re saying ‘no gifts,’ we have to assume they mean it.”

  • Would your kid be okay with you throwing him or her a no gift birthday party?




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