Wife Wants Divorce After She Learns Hubby Fathered 47 Kids As Sperm Donor

Lots of women and couples turn to sperm banks when they’re having fertility issues and since men can reproduce pretty much endlessly, some sperm donors have fathered multiple kids that way. But one woman who knew that her husband was a sperm donor recently discovered just how many kids he has fathered and she’s so shocked by the whole thing, she shared the story on Reddit.

Reddit user fedupwife1234 asked theAmITheA--hole subredditif she’s out of line for considering a divorce after finding out her hubby is the father of 47 children through being a sperm donor. She says she always knew he was donating, but she had no idea how often he was chosen. “It’s clearly my fault for not asking how many,” she admits. “I was … not expecting that many.”

So the wife says at the time, her husband tried to talk to her about being a sperm donor and she told him she didn’t want to know. She even says, “I can’t blame him for not telling me how many, I literally told him not to.” Hundreds of people have responded to her post and it seems most of them think she’s making too big a deal about the number and is in the wrong.

Some commenters says they don’t understand why she’s worried about it, others say if his 47 kids reach out at some point for their dad’s contact details, it would “be an inconvenience rather than a disaster.” Overall, most people say the wife is out of line to consider a divorce just because her husband of eight years helped others start a family. As one user pointed out, “He didn’t personally impregnate 47 women.”




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