Officer Steps Up When Lonely Six-Year-Old Calls 911 Looking For A Friend

We teach kids to look for law enforcement if they need help or are in trouble and one boy in Tallahassee, Florida did just that when he called 911 for his “emergency”: he wanted a friend. The Tallahassee Police Department shared the story onFacebook, explaining that a six-year-old boy called 911 because he was upset and lonely and said he wanted a friend.

OfficerJoe Whiteresponded to the call and could’ve scolded the kid for misusing emergency services, but instead he told him he would be happy to be his friend. He also took the time to explain to the boy how 911 works and that it’s only for emergencies. The little tyke got a tour of his new buddy’s police car and Officer White gave him a stuffed animal. The department writes, “Now he has a friend at the Tallahassee Police Department.”


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