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Bridal Crocs Are Apparently A Thing Now and I'm Shook

Wedding planning is stressful. From finding the perfect dress to figuring out the best seating chart that won't end in a dramatic fight, the bride-to-be has a lot to deal with before her special day. Plus, all of that in heels? Blister city. What if I told you that you could wear a shoe that is technically for weddingsandis also extremely comfortable? I'm just as confused as you are, but it's here: Crocs for a bride.They match perfectly with a fairytale wedding or a series of interesting choices. Honestly, at $100, they are pretty affordable in the scheme of wedding items — where a fork and knife can run you roughly $800.

So who knows! Maybe this will be the next big wedding trend. At the very least,

maybe the DJ can wear them, because it's hard to play Bruno Mars for 3 hours while standing.

SOURCE: https://www.bestproducts.com/lifestyle/a27390902/bridal-crocs-are-now-a-thing/

One in Ten Americans Would Prefer a Week in Jail Over Moving

According to a new OnePoll study about one in five Americans (23 percent) think that moving is more stressful than planning a wedding. Twenty-seven percent think it’s more stressful than a job interview, and more than one in 10 (13 percent) even go as far as to say it’s more stressful than a week in jail. Of course, moving day stress is only half the battle. The new study of found that by the numbers, American movers can expect approximately two nights of lost sleep, four hours of hard labor, three hours of procrastinating, two arguments with a roommate or partner, and two frustrated cries during their next move. The new survey also found that it takes the average American nearly four and a half months to completely unpack all of their items after moving. It takes about two and a half months to pack things up in the first place.


After 60-Year Search, Woman, 81, Meets Her 103-Year-Old Mom

An 81-year-old woman in Ireland has finally met her mother after searching for her for 60 years.Eileen Mackengrew up in an orphanage and never knew her birth mother, so she started trying to find her when she was 19. With no luck tracking her down, she reached out to an Irish TV station and with the help of a genealogist, she was able to locate her mom, who’s 103 and living in Scotland.

Macken said that “just to touch her would mean so much,” so she recently traveled to Scotland to see her mother face-to-face for the first time. She says her mom is “the most beautiful lady” and they had a “great chat” during her three-day trip.

“She was thrilled and she never let go of my hand,” Macken says of her mom. “I don’t think I’ll ever come down out of the clouds”


Most People Find It Hard Making Friends As An Adult

When you’re a kid, making friends is pretty easy, but as you grow up that can get harder and harder, and it seems quite a few adults have a hard time expanding their circle of friends.

A new poll finds that 45% of people say it’s hard to make new friends as an adult, with most people saying 23 is the peak age for making friends, although 36% say it’s actually only 21.

When it comes to friends, the average American has about 16, three who are friends for life, five people they like and would hang out with one-on-one, and eight they like, but don’t spend one-on-one time with. Of those good friends, almost half of people say they met them in high school, while 31% met them in college. They also have 50 acquaintances and 91 social media friends.

So, what is keeping folks from making new friends? Well for 46% of people it’s shyness, but for others certain barriers get in the way of finding new friends. For example, 33% of people say it’s because most people want to go to bars, but they’re not into it.Other reasons include:

  • Feel like everyone has their friendship groups already formed (33%)
  • Family commitments (29%)
  • Not having hobbies that would help them meet new people (28%)
  • Moving to a new city (21%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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