Hannah's Headlines - 5/13/2019

Today is National Apple Pie Day

Treating Weekends Like Vacations Makes You Happier

If you start to get the Sunday Scaries or Monday Morning Syndrome before your week even starts, we feel your pain. That dreaded feeling that creeps in as we face the week ahead is all too familiar for some of us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. According to new research, simply changing our perception about the weekend could make a big difference in our happiness.

A team of researchers from UCLA wanted to know if it was possible for workers to use weekends to get the same enjoyment they do from a vacation and boost their happiness levels, too. And after their experiments with 400 employees, they found that those who alter their perspective to treat the weekend like a vacay generally feel happier than those who approach Saturday and Sunday as they normally do.

The results of thestudygive a good reminder that making the most of your weekend by treating it like a vacation will help you enjoy it more…and you don’t even have to pack a bag! Just feeling like you’re in vacation mode will help you have the most fun and may leave you better prepared to deal with the week ahead. And it’s a lot less expensive, too.


Scientists Want To Record Your Dreams And Play Them Back With An MRI

It's like something out of a science fiction movie only it's really happening. The ability to record our dreams and play them back. That's what a number of researchers are planning on doing starting next year.

An independent dream researcher named Daniel Oldis recently composed a 'dream team' of sleep and dream researchers from across the nation. He and his team will run human test trials for developing dream-recording techniques inside a Burbank, California, recording studio next summer.

The team plans to use a mobile MRI to try recording the movement, speech, and images from the full dreams of up to four sleeping subjects. They estimate that it could take another 10 to 20 years for people to actually record a full dream movie.


Company Lists Paid Position for Luxury Yacht Tester

A London-based company posted a job opening seeking someone who wants to get paid to test some unusual products -- luxury yachts.

HushHush, a London-based luxury store and concierge service, said it is seeking someone whose job it would be to ensure the luxury yachts listed on the e-commerce site meet high standards.

"It will be on a pro-rata, self employed basis, so we'll need you to be flexible with when we need you," the listing states.

Each yacht review involves spending a week on the boat to evaluate "every plug socket, door, bed, shower, tap -- everything to make sure that the yacht is up to our standards."

The job pays $1,300 per yacht review, and candidates could potentially inspect up to 50 yachts per year and collect up to $65,000.

The listing states no previous yacht experience is required.


Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trend Is Dressing Like A Tourist

If you’re getting your summer wardrobe ready to wear, there’s one thing to keep in mind - looking like a tourist is in. That’s right, dressing as a tourist is trendy and the fashions on display at the spring/summer 2019 runways prove it. The “dad on vacation” look will be more popular than ever, so what wardrobe staples do you need to rock it? Here’s your summer checklist.

  • A button-up shirt- ideally with a print that includes, but is not limited to: bananas, flowers, parrots, beach umbrellas, or tropical leaves.
  • Anything tie-dye
  • Shorts- specifically: denim cut-offs, Bermuda shorts (the longer, the more touristy the look), or cargo shorts.
  • Teva sandals- bonus points if you wear these with socks.
  • A hat- now’s the time to bust out the bucket hats and straw sun hats.
  • A fanny pack- Where else will you keep your sunscreen and sunnies?

There probably aren’t many times your dad is more in fashion than you are, but with his cargo shorts, pool slides and flamingo shirt, he may be winning this summer. Look to his taste in fashion for inspo this summer and you’ll nail the look too.


Natural Light Wants to Pay Interns $40 an Hour to Drink Beer

Natural Light — or Natty Light — announced last week they’re hunting for summer interns who are up for the task of getting paid to drink (cheap) beer. “We’re looking for a well-rounded, fun human being, who knows how to get things done,” brand manager Leon Solimani said in a recruitment video. For $40 an hour, interns will be expected to perform a number of alcohol-filled and adjacent activities such as help run the brewery’s social media accounts, attend sporting events and act as a brand ambassador. “We’re running Natty Light, not your uncle’s accounting firm,” Solimani said. To apply for the two-month gig, no need to send in your resume or provide references Students who are 21 years old and believe they are “Natty Qualified” can apply for the internship until May 19.

  • I know frat boys that do this for free every day.


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