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AEW Wrestler ADAM COLE on His Favorite Match, NYC Memories, & More

I recently chatted with AEW Wrestler ADAM COLE about various topics including:

His favorite NYC memories

The differences between debuting in All-Elite Wrestling and WWE’s NXT

Becoming World Heavyweight Champion

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s impact on him as a teen

The importance of entrance music to a performer’s character.

Being out of action for nine months with a concussion.

The most underrated performer in wrestling today.

His favorite match to watch as a child and his favorite match to watch as an adult.

Pokemon being his favorite anime
& so many other fun topics.

Click the tweet below to access the audio podcast episode.

This iHeartRadio podcast will bring the biggest names in wrestling together for exclusive conversations. You will not hear me babble on about today’s wrestling scene. You don’t care about my opinion. What you do care about is the guests I have on and hearing their stories in their own words.

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