Miss Tati's Horoscopes - Friday, January 11th

Miss Tati has some EXCITING news for all the signs today. There is a dating app that's now letting you filter based on your astrological sign. You may already have this app, since it's a popular one in the online dating world - BUMBLE!

Bumble now has a star sign feature to find your astrologically compatible match! So, how it works is you open bumble, click on "advanced filters" and there's a question..."What is their star sign?"

If you don't particularly care about this you can opt out of the feature. But, if you want to you can basically click the sign you want to be matched with!

For example: I'm a Cancer. I would then click Taurus, Leo, Capricorn and maybe throw in Pisces, Cancer and Libra for good measure - because why limit them ya know!

I seriously LOVE this idea so much. Let me know if you use the new feature!

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