Tanya Rad Suffered This Awkward Car Moment With Her Boyfriend

Tanya Rad suffered an awkward moment with her boyfriend over the weekend. The duo were in the car in the evening and Tanya thought she was safe from the show airing, only to find they were listening to a snippet of not just our very own show, but that time she shared on-air that she’s ready to say “I love you” to her mystery man.

“We sit in these little rooms and you do create in your mind that it’s just us talking to each other,” Ryan Seacrest agreed with Tanya. “It’s not like you see an audience.”

So, what happened?

“I wasn’t aware that [our radio] was on iHeart Radio,” Tanya explained. “I thought it was 102.7 KIIS FM … so we’re leaving our picnic … we get in the car and all of a sudden I hear myself saying something,” she added. “… And then I hear me going, ‘Yeah, it just doesn’t feel like the right time to tell him that’ … so I just start spewing words because I don’t want him to hear what we’re talking about.”

The conversation was, of course, when Tanya Rad revealed to Seacrest and Sisanie that she’s falling in love with him!

Tanya added the snippet was a full three minutes and that “Socrates” most likely put two-and-two together.

So did she finally say those three little words?!

Watch back the full video above to find out and see what Seacrest wants to happen next …